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Welcome to Dodmoor House 

Thank you for choosing Dodmoor House to host your wedding celebrations. We are very excited about it and will do all we can to ensure the occasion is memorable.


Above all, we want to give you the flexibility to organise your day just how you want it to be. So please read on, as well as carefully checking through our separate terms and conditions, and contact us if you have any queries before signing the booking form.


We want to work closely with you over the coming months to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. We’ve therefore compiled this ‘welcome pack’ to assist.

We will liaise with you closely over the coming months and will also contact you four to six months before your wedding date to organise a midweek date in the daytime to pull together all the details and finalise your day.

We really want you and your guests to have a wonderful time at Dodmoor House. In fact, the most important guideline of all is to enjoy yourselves!


Thank you and congratulations!

Exclusively Yours


Yours will be the only wedding at Dodmoor House that day and there will be no other overnight guests there, ensuring that the venue is, indeed, exclusively yours. 


Total Fee


We have agreed a total fee with you for your wedding, which includes VAT at the prevailing rate. It includes a £500 Booking Fee, which covers the initial stages of your wedding journey with us up to this point. The remaining amount is made up of a Wedding Planning Fee and a Wedding Venue Fee in equal parts.


Wedding Planning Fee


Half of this Wedding Planning Fee is payable at your time of booking, and the second half is due one year before your wedding date (if you book within 12 months, then the full Wedding Fee is payable up front).


This covers the comprehensive wedding planning service which we offer to you from the moment that you book Dodmoor for your special day, right up until your wedding day itself.


We are available for you to contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have, while we regularly update our website and social media pages to give you extra inspiration. We also host regular Open Evenings, which give you the chance to bring family/friends to the venue, chat to us about your plans and meet recommended suppliers. You are very welcome to attend all of them!


Around 2-3 months before your wedding, we will host your Day in Detail planning meeting on a midweek date in the daytime. This will be your chance to chat through your plans ‘in detail’ with your designated wedding coordinator, who will send you the in-depth notes from this meeting, contact your suppliers and liaise with you over the final couple of months to finalise everything.


As part of your Wedding Planning fee, we also undertake to ensure that the venue is kept updated and maintained to the same high standard as when you first looked round and fell in love with Dodmoor!


Venue Fee


The Wedding Venue Fee is due two months before the big day and covers exclusive use of Dodmoor House as a venue for the date specified on the booking confirmation. It includes staffing of the bar, glassware and the supply of up to 120 chairs, as well as tables as set out in the plans which appear on our website in the ‘info’ section.


It includes a number of extra decorations that are kept updated on the ‘additional decorations’ section of our website (also found under the Info tab), but not those items available through Hire @ Dodmoor.


We should also stress that it does not include table linen or napkins, cutlery or crockery, or waitressing staff. These should be ordered through the caterer, who will be hired separately and directly by you. It also does not include any evening disco lighting or PA system, which would be provided by your supplier (or through the DIY DJ system if you choose to book this from us).


None of us want to imagine any scenario in which a wedding day can’t take place, but we need to at least set out all the ‘what ifs’ for you at this stage. They are also covered in our Terms and Conditions, which you should read carefully.

As soon as your booking is confirmed with a receipt invoice emailed by us, you will have entered into a binding contract with Dodmoor House.

You should be aware that the £500 Booking Fee is non-refundable in any circumstances (after the initial 14-day cooling off period has expired) as it is for services already provided before your time of booking.

If you were to cancel the wedding for any reason, the Wedding Planning Fee (which is payable in one or two instalments) could be refunded for any months in which you hadn’t yet received the potential benefits of this service.

So if you booked the venue 18 months in advance, and cancelled after six months, you would have used 6/18ths of the wedding planning fee (33%). In this case you would have paid 50% of the Wedding Planning Fee already, we'd therefore refund the remaining 17% of the total Wedding Planning Fee.

If you booked the venue 12 months in advance you would pay 100% of the Wedding Planning Fee initially.  If you then cancelled after six months, you would have used 6/12ths of the Wedding Planning Fee (50%) so there would be a 50% refund of this fee possible.

If you booked the venue 24 months in advance and cancelled 18 months later, you would have used 18/24ths of the wedding planning fee. In this case you would have paid the full Wedding Planning Fee in two instalments, so a refund of 25% of the total Wedding Planning Fee would be due.


Please note that the Wedding Planning Fee is not calculated on the specific amount of visits, phone calls or emails that have been dealt with in that time, it is worked out on a monthly basis (just as the price of a gym membership does not vary according to the number of gym classes you attend) as we are available all of the time to help you and each wedding ultimately takes the same amount of detailed planning.

If we were to re-sell the date to another couple after your cancellation, we regret that this would not affect the amount of refund that we could offer to you (as the Wedding Planning would have already taken place).

Any remaining amounts – such as those relating to drinks ordered and consumed on the day - must be settled on the day after your wedding, before checking out. Late payment costs will otherwise be incurred.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully to see the specific clauses relating to ‘Force Majeure’ events which prevent a wedding from taking place, such as with covid-19, but please we would initially look to find a postponement date for you within 11 to 12 months of your original date (albeit normally with some flexibility needed on a different day of the week or month of the year).

Wedding Insurance


We would strongly recommend that you take out a wedding insurance policy for your own peace of mind.


Terms and conditions


Please read our attached terms and conditions carefully and be aware that in signing the booking form, you agree to be bound by not only the terms and conditions, but also the contents of this welcome pack. Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns.


Third Party Services


Our recommended list of local contacts on our website - - is designed to help you, although you must appreciate there is no contractual liability between us in respect of any third parties, such as caterers, photographers and DJs.


While we are happy to make recommendations in good faith, you must satisfy yourselves about the services they offer before you enter into any contract with them. Payment terms in respect of any third party services will be as agreed between you and the relevant third parties.

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