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We are often asked if dogs are welcome at Dodmoor House, and the answer (we're very pleased to say), is YES! We love dogs (the Dodmoor owners Mark and Louise have a dog called Bramble!), and we know that they are every bit a part of the family as anyone else.

Therefore, why would your dog not be on the guest list (VIP)?! We have seen dog ring bearers, "flower dogs", and dogs in little suits! Ever so cute, and ever so special. Here at Dodmoor, your dogs are very welcome to join during the ceremony, and then the drinks reception for plenty of cuddles and photos.

We ask that dogs are fully supervised at all times and should also just note that although they are allowed on site and in the ceremony room, we can't allow dogs in the Dodford Room and Honeymoon Suite, due to allergies. We suggest having them arrive in good time to the venue (to avoid any dog delays!), possibly with a trusted friend or family member (or with a pet chaperone - we will get onto that further down!).

As there are health and safety considerations regarding the wedding breakfast room, what would usually happen after you and your furry friend have enjoyed the drinks reception, is that your dog would then be taken home, or perhaps to a 'dog boarder' for the wedding night (or even the period of your honeymoon).

You can certainly make arrangements with a friend or family member to have them bring your dog to the venue, supervise them whilst on site, and then take them home before the meal begins. It is always worth checking timings with your wedding co-ordinator to ensure that guests won't miss anything (such as the speeches or the starter!), if they are the one to quickly take the dog home towards the end of the drinks reception, for example.

Alternatively, you might like to choose to use a pet chaperone service and arrange with them to take care of your dog on the day, and this is where Dotty4Dogs can come in very handy!

Dotty4Dogs are a pet care service, who offer 'wedding pet chaperone services' which can work perfectly in enabling your dogs to join your wedding day, whilst you and your guests relax. They can collect in the morning, and then bring the dogs to the wedding as guests are arriving. They would then supervise the dogs during the ceremony and the drinks reception, of course allowing them to join you for fun and photos.

They would then take the dogs either home to your house, or to 'board' back at Dotty4Dogs HQ. Your dogs can be involved in your day as little or as much as you like, whilst Dotty4Dogs ensure they are safe, happy and under control. They can also style them too if you choose, with doggy outfits that match the colour scheme or theme of your wedding. How cute?!

It is entirely up to you as to whether you would like to make arrangements yourselves or use a pet service, just let us know your plans, and rest assured that your dog can be present at your wedding day!

If you would like to get in touch with Dotty4Dogs, please contact Clare on 07535 674135/enquiries@dotty4dogs.co.uk or see their website for further details and prices.

We are happy and available to answer any of your questions about dogs at Dodmoor, so if you would like to contact us, please email weddings@dodmoorhouse.co.uk.

Photos by Sophie Ann Photography, Aaron Collett Photography, Jodie Cooling Photography, Gemma Willis Photography, Shoot It Momma Photography, Casey Avenue Photography and Rebecca Louise Photography (from top left to right). Thank you x

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