Time and time again we are told that organising the table plan is one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning! That's why we like to give you options and lots of them! We have tried and tested all of the layouts below so we know what works and how comfortable your guests will be. 

First of all, here's just a little bit of general guidance to get you started...

Please ensure that your final numbers include all the children (even the smallest ones!) Babies in highchairs need to be given a space at the table and should there be any tiny ones in a buggy, we need to ensure there is space near the parents for the buggy to go - just ask us, we know exactly where to pop them!

Also remember to include yourself and your partner in your final numbers - you'd be surprised how easily you can forget yourselves!

We can cater for larger numbers of up to 120-150 for more informal daytime gatherings, with guests seated around the venue in the courtyard, Courtyard Barn and Catesby Barn.

Dodmoor House have also hosted lots of intimate weddings for around 20-40 guests.

Please contact us for further seating advice (including the best places for wheelchairs, young children, grandparents and taller guests, as well as those seats with slightly less leg room/space than others).



This layout seats up to 56 guests on the ground floor of the Catesby Barn. The top table seats eight guests (traditionally the newlyweds, parents and the best man and maid of honour) although you may just have six guests behind the top table with nobody sitting on the ends. 

The rest of the tables are all rounds, with four tables seating a maximum of ten guests each and the table under the mezzanine seating a maximum of eight guests (as it's a slightly smaller space).

To download this table plan please click here.

56 CB.png
Dodmoor House Catesby Barn


To fit 80 guests on the ground floor of the Catesby Barn, we can remove the top table completely and allow you to sit with your guests!


The newlyweds tend to sit on the right hand table about halfway down so they have the best view of the barn and all the guests enjoying themselves! We can sit a maximum of 34 guests on each of the long tables with an additional 12 on the table under the mezzanine.  To download this table plan please click here.

Dodmoor House Catesby Barn


This layout gives you a trestle table layout but for slightly smaller numbers. This can seat up to 62 guests in total with up to another 16 on the mezzanine! Click here to download this table plan.

spilt t.png
Dodmoor House Catesby Barn


If you prefer we can offer a round top table of up to 10 for your immediate wedding party. This layout seats 58 guests in total on the ground floor and includes five round tables seating a maximum of ten guests on each. There is also a table under the mezzanine seating a maximum of eight guests. To download a copy of this table plan click here.

Dodmoor House Catesby Barn


Trestle tables provide a really sociable aspect to your wedding breakfast, all the team here at Dodmoor love the buzz in the room! This layout provides seating for up to 74 guests on the ground floor of the Catesby Barn. 

A top table of six has a great view of all the guests in the the barn! The table on the left hand side of the room (nearest the courtyard) can seat up to 30 guests while the right hand side table can seat up to 26 guests (allowing room to go up and down the stairs). The table under the mezzanine can seat up to 12 guests. 

If choosing trestle tables, we recommend 'dividing' each of the long tables into three separate tables for the purposes of your table plan. This way guests can find their seats a lot more quickly! 

Taller and thinner centrepieces work better due to the width of the straight tables and if you're thinking of having any courses served sharing-style, we would recommend clustering your decorations rather than have them running down the length of the table.

Click here to download this table plan.

Dodmoor House Catesby Barn


The mezzanine is the perfect place to pop a group of  old friends or some louder work colleagues! They get the best view in the house for speeches and we are always told how much they loved sitting up there.

There are a few different layouts you can go for on the mezzanine - a round table seating up to 10 guests, a rectangle table between 12 and 14 guests or two straight tables each seating a maximum of eight guests. You can sometimes squeeze a couple of extra guests up there (especially smaller children) if you really need to!

To download the table plans please click on the relevant number of people - 10, 12, 14 or 16!

mezz 2.png
16 mezz.jpg
round table on mezz.jpg



CYB straight top and rounds no numbers.p

For a traditional feel, we can fit up to 48 guests on a straight top table and rounds. Due to the layout of the room, we can fit up to 6 guests on the tables in front of the top table in a cabaret style. Click here to download this table plan.

Long top and rounds in the CYB.jpg


Banqueting table 42 guests not numbered.

The banqueting layout is something really special for smaller weddings. Up to 44 guests can be seated on this layout which runs down the length of the Courtyard Barn, providing the most intimate dinner party setting, with all guests on one table! To download this plan click here.

Courtyard Barn banqueting table - DH pho


CYB all rounds 58 guests not

Similar to the Catesby Barn, we can offer an all round layout in the Courtyard Barn seating up to 58 guests in total. To download this table plan click here.



u shape.png

For weddings who need a larger top table, the U Shape allows for up to 12 on the top table with four round tables of 10, seating 52 guests in total.Please click here to download this table plan.