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Measurements At Dodmoor House

We are often asked for measurements of certain areas, especially for flowers, so we have compiled a list for your guidance:

Catesby Barn

:: The window ledge opposite the mezzanine is 100cm (39.5in) wide and 41cm (16in) deep. The rungs are 1cm wide

    and 4cm apart.

:: The window ledge on the stairs up to the bar is 1.07m (42in) across and 33cm (13in) deep


:: The window under the mezzanine (the one you can see as you go up the outside bar steps) is 140cm (55in)


:: The balcony is 397cm (13ft) in length around the entire curve


:: There are two pulley systems which have candelabras hanging from them. These measure 60cm in diameter, with a 

    190cm circumference.


:: The flower plate under candelabras is 30cm (12in) and the height from the plate to the candles is 45cm (18in).


:: The length of the staircase hand rail is 3.15m (124in) and the railings up the staircase are 2.70m (106in).




:: The beam in the bar (closest to the mezzanine) is 3.60m (142in) in length


:: The beam in the bar (closest to the bar) is 2.60m (102in) in length


:: The outside railings leading up to the bar is 3.56m (140in).


Courtyard Barn


:: The Pallet Wall measures 2.4m (8ft) high and 4.4m (14.5ft) across. We have 12 butchers hooks which can be used to hang

   flowers, foliage, signage from.


:: Church candles for the five hurricane lamps in the Courtyard Barn should be around 18cm (7in) tall and 8cm (3in) in                   diameter. The hurricane lamps are 30cm (12in) high. 


:: There are 10 hooks in the Courtyard Barn - one on each of the five pillars on each wall. These hooks are 1.88m (74in) off the     floor and the pillars are 46cm (18in) wide


:: The five Courtyard Barn window ledges are 1.07m (42in) wide and 18cm (7in) deep

 :: The registrar’s table is 1.59m (62in) long and 51cm (20in) wide

Bunting Measurements for the venue

Bunting is a really great way of adding colour to the venue and is very popular, especially for weddings with a vintage theme.

Below are the places which we would suggest putting bunting, along with the measurements of bunting which you would need to provide. They include the 'swag' and a little extra for us to tie into place. 

:: Along the Courtyard Barn below the guttering =  16.8m (55ft)

:: Across the front of the drinks station =  3.4m (10.5ft)

:: Below the window opposite the mezzanine in the Catesby Barn =  1.1m (3.6ft)

:: Along the front of the top table =  4.25m (14ft)

:: Around the front of the mezzanine railings = 4.5m (14.6ft) 

:: Up the outside bar steps = 3.3m (10.8ft)

:: At the top of the window underneath the mezzanine =  1.7m (5.6ft)

:: Above the main Catesby Barn doors =   2.7m (8.8ft)

:: Around the cake table = 3ft 

:: Around the cake barrel = 6ft

:: Along the beams in the bar = 2.8m (9.2ft) (the beam closest to the mezzanine) and 3.1m (10ft) for the beam closest to the       bar

:: Using our lantern lines we can loop three lines between the two outside tie bars = 7m (23ft) per line is needed


Cake Table

:: The cake barrel is 48cm in diameter

Sweet Shop


The sweet shop dresser is 1.84m (73in) tall from the floor to the top.  The lowest shelf is 60cm (24in) deep and 80cm (32in) wide, with a height of 41cm (16in) before the middle shelf. The middle shelf is 45cm (18in) deep and 80cm (32in) wide, with a height of 31cm (12in) before the top shelf. The top shelf itself measures 35cm (14in) deep and 76cm (30in) wide.




Our chairs are 40cm (15.7in) deep x 38cm (14.9in) wide and the distance from seat to floor (ie legs) is 45cm (17.7in). The height of the chair back from seat to top is 44cm (17.3in) and the total height from the floor to the top of the chair is 90cm (35.4in). 

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