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Hello, and welcome to the family fold of Dodmoor House. Cosied up in our office at Dodmoor HQ, we are squirrelling away to make your wedding day perfect. You’ll usually find us hosting planning meetings, on the phone to any number of wedding suppliers, or putting the finishing touches to a wedding plan (with a mug of tea in hand).

Every day we eat lunch around Mark and Louise’s huge kitchen table, and at Christmas we host the most secret office Secret Santa known to man. Seriously, we start planning in September.

Now we would like to welcome you to be part of the Dodmoor Family too. We're going to be exchanging a lot of emails, so it’s important to know who you’re dealing with...

The Team


                                         Mark and Louise Bradley                                                  Claire          



Mark likes Christmas, snow and live music and dislikes camping, tomato ketchup and slow wi-fi in 

Louise enjoys fixing things and baking with her children however doesn't like cleaning up after all the baking!        

Claire likes making people laugh, chocolate and playing with her children  (she's the best at making up games). She isn't so keen on early mornings and needs lots of tea to get through them!



                                                              Carolyn                                                                                Josh


Carolyn loves macaroons, port and cheese (although not all at the same time) and hates her hair getting frizzy in the rain!

Josh enjoys rugby and a night on a busy Dodmoor bar. He dislikes mushrooms!


                                                           Tanice                                                                        Gail


Tanice loves listening to wedding speeches, being by the beach and is partial to a cocktail! She does not like being cold.

Gail  likes replenishing the office chocolate biscuit supplies and adding up (naturally, as she is a brilliant accountant). She doesn't like                       poorly organised paperwork!




Vicky loves tea, sparkler arches and all things Disney! She's not a fan of heavy traffic in the mornings.


                                                              Sophie                                                                 Shona


Sophie loves Prosecco (we think it's her Italian roots) and Winter weddings. She dislikes any time before 9.00am!

Shona likes cakes and the famous Dodmoor sparkler arches! She hates mess and is always the first to pick up a broom to sweep the barns!


                                                              Kathryn                                                               Jeni   


Kathryn likes French bulldogs, fairy lights and looking at engagement rings. She gets irritated by creased tablecloths!

Jeni loves all things sparkly and candles, and dislikes gloomy mornings!


                                             Bramble                                                                           Jeffrey                                                                                                  



Bramble is our Tibetian Terrier but unfortunately he's too young and a bit naughty to be attending weddings. He enjoys eating our lunches when we aren't looking and trying to escape to run around the lawn. He doesn't like regular dog food!

Jeffrey is our adopted cat and you can be sure to see her wandering around the venue! And yes we know Jeffrey is a boys name! It was a terrible mix up that went too far!  She loves sunbathing in the courtyard, being treated to some milk and photobombing. She hates being picked up!


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We really did have the best day of our lives. We wanted to have our wedding somewhere that felt personal, warm and was slightly different to the norm. You truly feel like yours is the only wedding there that year and not like a conveyor belt bride as we did at other venues. 
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