We don't like to call ourselves a team as we are so much closer than that! We all work cohesively to bring you the best day of your lives and constantly rely on each other for support, ideas and to make sure everything is planned to a tee. In January 2019 we won 'Best Team' in the National Wedding Awards, and have previously won 'Best Venue' too!

We eat lunch together daily round the dining room table, have the most secretive of secret Santas and laugh and smile with each other every single day. We honestly all love our jobs and feel this really shows throughout your wedding planning process.

Without further a do please meet the Dodmoor House family...


Louise is one of the owners of Dodmoor House who has put her heart and soul into making a dream wedding venue for all our lovely couples. She is very much hands on running weddings, tending to the venue and helping the whole team with all her experience. 


Carolyn is the longest serving member of staff starting part time at the little age of 16 when Dodmoor first opened. She has run too many weddings to count and even got married here herself in July 2017.  She has a little girl Annabel, who we are all obsessed with!


Vicky is an actual whizz at running lots of weddings and also liaises with the hotels for our couples! She probably drinks the most tea in the office & is the most likely to supply everyone with biscuits!


Shona runs weddings and is in charge of operations for the venue! She recently had her own wedding here at Dodmoor in September 2019! Her spaniel Buddy is her pride and joy at the moment, and we love hearing about his adventures.


Jeni  is super practical and handy so usually our first point of call to fix things out in the venue! Jeni celebrated her own beautiful wedding here in August 2018! She has the cutest cats called Gus & Syd! When she's on holiday you can normally find her at Disneyland! 


Ellie runs weddings and is Shona's right hand girl in operations, meaning she knows the venue like the back of her hand! 

She is a hopeless romantic so a perfect fit for the role and is so desperate for a pug puppy!


Jaimie oversees the running of our bar as well as running weddings in the evenings. He knows his way around a drink so if you need any advice ask him! He makes the world's best peanut butter and chocolate cookies and we constantly beg him to bake. He is absolutely besotted with his little girl, Lizzie and we all love to see photos!


Emily works away taking all the important notes at day in details meetings as well as being a super friendly evening manager on Friday nights and helping on Saturday weddings! Her baby boy Arthur is SO


Mark is the other owner of Dodmoor House! He will be your first point of contact when enquiring here and he basically keeps the office side of things running smoothly! He definitely hears more girl talk than most men. 


Aside from running weddings, she's our marketing girl and computer whizz. Absolutely obsessed with weddings and can always be found reading a wedding blog. She's trying to get better at calligraphy, look out for her signs around the venue. 


Loves Prosecco and cheese! She is a wedding co-ordinator and the #Instagram Queen, always bringing you the best inspo for your special day.


Em is another one of our fantastic wedding co-ordinators. She is also in charge of bringing you the fantastic open evenings!

When she's not at work, she can be found at festivals or shopping in Zara!


You will probably see Zoe in your day in detail meeting taking lots of notes and putting your wedding plan together for you! She is also a great help in helping on weddings too!


Lou is our lady in charge of the numbers and you'll probably have a chat with her when ringing up to pay for anything! She gives Vicky a run for her money when it comes to the biggest tea drinker. She really enjoys going on cruises with her husband and son in her spare time. 


You probably won't meet Bramble but rest assured he is a huge part of our office life. He constantly tries to steal our lunches; with lots of successful attempts, he likes his tummy being rubbed for all of 10 seconds before he gets annoyed and loves to bark at the post man. All the makings of a naughty but cuddly dog.

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