The only on-site accommodation is the Honeymoon Suite and we therefore have excellent links with two local hotels - the Holiday Inn in Flore and the Mercure Daventry Court Hotel in Daventry - which offer bed, breakfast and transport at the end of the night. Both hotels have a late bar which remains open for guests after the wedding.


Please note that arrangements for accommodation at both hotels do change for weddings booked on the weekends when the British Grand Prix or Moto GP events are held at Silverstone.


If you are getting married in July or August, please click here for further details and do let us know if you have any questions.


The Mercure Daventry Court Hotel is a 4* hotel six miles from Dodmoor House, and offers a special rate for guests of £95 for 2022 and £96.50 for 2023 (per night including breakfast, group transport back to the hotel at the end of the evening and VAT at 20%). 

Check-in is guaranteed by 1pm at the earliest, if guests wish to check in before 1pm they can ring the hotel the night before to check for room availability. If rooms are available earlier than 1pm, they are able to pay a £10 supplement to be paid at check in.​


Those that need to check-in before 1pm but can’t due to lack of availability will be able to change in the leisure facility changing rooms, leave their luggage at reception and collect their keys and bags when they return to the hotel at the end of the night.


Please note that any rooms from your initial allocation (of up to 20 rooms, depending on availability) which are not booked by your guests will be released back onto general sale 6 weeks before your wedding.


To take advantage of this deal, you will need to contact the hotel directly to arrange a group allocation of rooms for your guests by emailing reservations on


Guests would then need to book onto the allocation directly with the hotel ensuring that they are included in the transport arrangements at the end of the evening. 


Please note that guests can only be included in the Dodmoor House room rate if they book directly with the hotel either by email: or by phone 01327 307031.


Anyone not booking in this way (or separately online) will not be included in the deal and will need to make their own transport arrangements back.


Please click here for further information regarding the Grand Prix or Moto GP for weddings in July or August.

Please also click here for further information on the Daventry Court Hotel.



The Holiday Inn is a 3* hotel which is three miles from Dodmoor House and their fixed room rate includes bed, breakfast, group transport back to the hotel at the end of the evening and VAT at 20%.


The hotel is currently shut for use by the public as it has secured a Government contract for at least the next few months. We are expecting it to be open again to the public for use by guests from the start of 2023 onwards but this will only be confirmed in due course.


Guests can book directly  in 2023 by following this link Dodmoor House – Holiday Inn Northampton West to obtain the Dodmoor rate within 50 weeks of their date of stay. Please ensure they select the rate labelled Dodmoor House, rather than the other options which do not include the transport.


This rate is £87 in 2023, for a double room including breakfast and group transport back to the hotel at the end of the night. Please note when booking the two night rate this will be charged online at £87 per night, however this will be discounted directly through the hotel once they receive the booking.


There is a special two-night rate (including the night before the wedding) of £149 in 2023.


All rooms are able to be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance of the booking. Check-in is guaranteed at 2pm (rooms will be made available earlier if vacant). 


Please encourage your guests to input your names or the date of your wedding in the special requests box when they book (so we know to include them in the transport deal). For example, Smith/Jones 22.09.23. The hotel will pass a list of known ‘Dodmoor bookings’ to us ahead of the wedding so that we can book the transport for the end of the evening. We will ask you to confirm this list a couple of weeks ahead of the wedding.


The hotel would like to offer a free room for you the night before the wedding if there are more than 5 rooms booked.  To enable this, book the room online (at the agreed price) when you are ready, then contact the hotel by email two weeks ahead of the wedding to confirm the number of rooms booked; at this stage if more than 5 rooms are booked they will remove the charge from your room (or you could choose to cancel it).


Please note that the rates for the Grand Prix (July) and Moto GP (August) weekends are different, click here  for further details.


Please also click here for further information on the Holiday Inn. To contact the hotel: email or phone 01327 349022