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Dodmoor House Helpful Info

We are always an email or call away when it comes to helping with your wedding plans, but it's also useful for you to know about the 'Info' page on our website, which might have the answer your question(s) first!

The 'INFO' page can be found under 'MORE' at the top of the main home page. Hover over MORE and this will bring up a list below, with INFO at the top. Click here!

On this page you will then find a variety of information, from ceremony layouts and table plans, to timelines for your wedding day! The timelines can be particularly helpful when planning your day, as you are able to see what works well for the ceremony time you have booked, such as what time to invite your evening guests.

'A Guide To Planning Your Wedding At Dodmoor House' gives an informative run through of a Dodmoor wedding, explaining what happens where, with extra detail such as what your caterer needs to provide and hotels that we recommend.

Measurements always comes in handy, particularly if you're thinking about hanging bunting around the venue, or if your florist needs to know the length of somewhere in the venue that they'll be placing flower arrangements.

Additional decorations and cake stands are both worth checking out, so that you can get an idea of what decorations are already available at Dodmoor House, and of course do check out the Hire at Dodmoor section for extra special items and decor that can be hired directly through us!

As you'll see, there are plenty more links to follow, and we do hope this page comes in handy! We like to think that we have covered most areas throughout our website, but please let us know if there is anything specific that you would like to discuss with us - we are happy to help!

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