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Dodmoor Decorations

Courtyard Barn 


Five hurricane lamps with ivory church candles, which are flanked by two clear glass tea light holders on each side, sit on the five window sills. We provide all the candles for these (and any other candle holders we supply) and replenish them for ready for the evening. You can extra decoration onto the windowsill if you like (a touch of gyp between the tea lights is our favourite)!

We also supply ten (one for each of the pillars) hanging grey hearts, holding tea light candles


Our pallet wall offers a simple rustic background for a ‘traditional’ ceremony set-up and you are welcome to add extra decorations, such as floral displays, draping, hanging hoops or more fairy lights!

The wall measures 8 feet high and 14.5 feet across.  Decorations can be hung using S hooks between the slats.

Ceremony decor, Aden Priest Photography.jpg
Sahes on new chairs.jpg

You'd be very welcome to borrow our card box for the day to store the cards that your loved ones may bring for you!
If you need something to hold your confetti, we have a couple of wicker baskets to keep loose confetti or a cone holder if you'd prefer confetti cones! (You would just need to purchase and pre-make the cones yourselves). Please also note that confetti would need to be real or dried petals please, rather than paper confetti (even if it's biodegradable). 

confetti cone holder 2_0.jpg
confetti basket.jpg
Imogen and James (76).jpg

We have stylish iron hanging heart tea light holders at various heights around the walls.

Alternatively, you could hang something else! There are 12 hooks in total.  The hooks are able to be removed and you can use the back plate to tie items to.

Catesby Barn​
Fairy lights are wrapped around the three tie bars and the mezzanine railings. Your florist could then add foliage, flowers or bunting to the mezzanine railing to complement the fairy lights already there.

We have two hanging candelabras which hang in the middle of the room. These look beautiful and romantic on their own however to really make them stand out, your florist could add additional foliage. (In the summer months we may exchange the candles for LED so that the ceiling fans can be used)

We also have plates which hang underneath to add a large floral display if you wish or you can tie other decoration to hang below.  They are on a pulley system so can be lowered to decorate.  Please discuss any alternative ideas due to a possible weight limit


Dodmoor House Hanging Hearts

We have a lines system in the Catesby Barn which allows you to add either three lines of bunting (running the length of the barn) or up to 18 pom poms or lanterns. This is a great way to inject some colour into the room and can really enhance your colour theme!  

The lanterns/pom poms should be light as they will be hooked to the lines with a pole, we ask that you provide them ready to be put up with two ends to be tied through our looped ribbon.

Three lines of bunting can be looped between the two outside tie bars = 8m (26ft) per line is needed

(Please note that if you choose to have three lines to hang items from, you cannot have the candelabras, however you may have two lines to hang from and the candelabras in the middle). 

Cranes Amanda & Marc- Natalie J Watts.jpg
Aaron Collett all rounds 2.jpg

**Please note the photos below includes our old chairs 

Hannah Hall 16.12.23 (65).jpg
Connie and Rob Wedding (Web Sized) -25.jpg
Nat and Alex (491).jpg

We have silver table name holders (which take postcard to A5 size thick card) or chalk board table number stands, as well as two table plan boards and easels.

Both boards can sit landscape or portrait on the easel legs. One is A1 in size and the other is 59cm by 69cm (this one is also made from wood from the barns)!

We also have a variety of easel legs for if you would like to provide your own frame.  We suggest any mirrors provided have a wire so they can be tied on but we are unfortunately unable to accept responsibility for any accidental breakages.


A wire heart shaped photo frame which you can put photos in if you wish or provide some pegs and we can peg a number of photos to the fairy lights on the beams!


Your guests love to know what is happening and when! We have a heart with magnets where you can place a small order of the day inside for when guests arrive!


There are various hooks and nails in the walls which you may wish to hang cute signs from; we can suggest where these will work best.

PoppyKphotography 20.10.23 (2).jpg
Georgie and Cory (4).jpg

Wooden Logs, Mirror Slices, table numbers and  Tea lights

We have a selection of large and small wooden log slices which make a great base for your centrepieces (and match our wonderful wooden cake stands too) and really add to the rustic charm of the venue.

There are also some mirror plates which look gorgeous with lots of candles on top and work really well with our round tables.

We can supply three tealights per round table to compliment these as seen in the photo below.

We have a choice of either chalkboard numbers for your tables or you are welcome to make your own table names and place them in our silver stands. 

23.02.24 BuBear phototgraphy (2).jpg
10. Meal Venue Shots (37).jpg
mirror plates.jpg

Cake Stands

Surely everyone loves cake right? We have a either a round table which measure 59cm across and 60cm high, or square cake table which is 51cm x 56cm. You can borrow these with or without a hired cloth from your caterers. 

  • The glass cake stand has a diameter of 13 inches.

  • The ‘S’ shape cake stands top tier has a diameter of 6 inches, the middle tier measures 9 inches with the bottom tier measuring just over 11.6 inches. The distance between the tiers is 8 inches

  • The wooden log cake stand is 17 inches in diameter

  • The wooden cup cake stand has four tiers the top tier is 8 inches wide and the middle tiers are both 11 inches. The bottom tier is 20 inches but has copper poles so is perfect for cupcakes or some flowers!

Natalie J Weddings helen and graham.jpg
Rebecca Watts Photography - Astrid & Jack - November 2018 - cake.jpg
s stand.jpg
Wooden Cupcake stand.jpg

Our barrels also make a fantastic cake stand, whether you cut your cake outside at the top of the courtyard steps or inside the Catesby or Courtyard Barn! All of our other cake stands fit perfectly on it and you're welcome to add additional decoration! The barrell is 90cm high and 49cm (inside lip) wide, incase you would like to bring your own stand!

Georgie and Cory (594).jpg
KirstyLukeWedding-70_websize (002).jpg


In the courtyard and surronding areas we are all about creating a romantic and twinkly environment for you and your guests. We have fairy lights pretty much all around the venue however we welcome any decorations you'd like to put outside!

Our heart on the tree by the entrance is where we like to welcome guests to your wedding.

05.08.23 Carlos Azevedo photography 23.png
Sibhan Percival.jpg

Don't forget we also have Giant Jenga, Corn Hole, Ring Toss, Connect Four, Boules and Croquet to play with!

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