Courtyard Barn 


Five hurricane lamps with ivory church candles, which are flanked by two clear glass tea light holders on each side, sit on the window sills. We provide all the candles for these (and any other candle holders we supply) and replenish them for the evening time. You can extra decoration onto the windowsill if you like (a touch of gyp between the tea lights is our favourite)!

We also supply ten hanging grey hearts shaped tea light holders, one for each of the pillars.

Our pallet wall offers a simple rustic background for a ‘traditional’ ceremony set-up and you are welcome to add extra decorations, such as floral displays, draping, hanging hoops or more fairy lights!

The wall measures 8 feet high and 14.5 feet across.

You'd be very welcome to borrow our card box for the day to store the wonderful gifts and kind words your dear ones may give you!


If you need somewhere to store that all important confetti for your group shot in the courtyard, we have a wicker basket to keep your loose confetti and a confetti cone holder too!


Surely everyone loves cake right? We have a either a round table which measure 52 cm or 130 inches across or square cake table which is 51cm x 56cm (20in x 22in). You can borrow these with or without a hired cloth from your caterers. 

  • The glass cake stand has a diameter of 13 inches.

  • The ‘S’ shape cake stands top tier has a diameter of 6 inches, the middle tier measures 9 inches with the bottom tier measuring just over 11.6 inches. The distance between the tiers is 8 inches

  • The wooden log cake stand is 17 inches in diameter

  • The perspex cake stand is a great way of displaying your cupcakes. It has seven tiers and these measure the following in diameter: The bottom tier is 37.5cm (14.8 inches), the second tier is 34cm (13.4 inches) , the third tier is 30cm (11.8 inches) the fourth tier is 26.3cm (10.4 inches),  the five tier  is 22.5cm (8.8 inches), the sixth tier is 18.5cm (7.3 inches) and the top tier is diameter - 15cm (5.9 inches)



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