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Ceremony Layouts

2 & 4 Layout Courtyard Barn

The Courtyard Barn can seat up around 100 guests for a ceremony, normally in rows of six; with two seats on the courtyard side and four on the other. We are often asked why is it a two and a four and the main reason is because you tend to invite your guests as couples and we wouldn't want to split them up during this romantic moment!

This is a great layout for a long aisle walk and an ideal way to utilise the space when you have a higher number of guests.

Depending on your final numbers there may be space at the end of the barn for either the drinks station, your wedding cake or even some live music for your ceremony and drinks reception. 

Please click here to download the plan.

2 and 4 layout_0.png

Middle Layout Courtyard Barn

The Courtyard Barn middle layout is ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings. The bridal party would enter the barn through the middle double doors and use the courtyard in their aisle walk.


Guests all have a great view of the ceremony and it allows for a cosy and welcoming feel.

This layout is still suitable for up to 90 guests so if you love this layout you can definitely still use it!

Please click here to download the plan.

middle ceremony.png

Middle Layout Catesby Barn

For weddings of up to 18-20 guests, the middle layout allows you to use lots of the space up in the Catesby Barn without being too spread out. Chairs are slightly angled or curved to provide a good view for all your loved ones.

Please click here to download the plan.

cb middle.png
smaller ceremony Catesby Barn.jpg

4 & 2 Layout Courtyard Barn

Alternatively you may wish to opt for the traditional layout with 15 rows of four seats on the Courtyard side of the room and two on the garden side. This would accommodate 92 guests including the Happy Couple.

Please click here to download the plan.

4 and 2 ceremony.png

Traditional Aisle Catesby Barn

The Catesby Barn is a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony and is especially favoured by those opting for a smaller, more intimate occasion.

The double height ceiling along with the option to have either our candelabras or your own colourful lanterns can really make an amazing atmosphere.

You can opt for the traditional layout in the Catesby Barn. This consists of four seats on the side furthest from the courtyard, with rows of two and three on the other and 14 seats under the mezzanine. This allows for more seating than the middle layout, yet still offers that cosy, intimate feel. The maximum number for this layout with a seated meal in the Courtyard Barn is 60 guests.

Please click here to download the plan.

cb 1.png
Ceremony CB with lanterns.jpg

**Please note the photo above includes our old chairs 

**Please note the photo above includes our old chairs 

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