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Wonderful Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

It's not everyday you stand around carrying a bunch of flowers for hours, but your bouquet is your ultimate fashion accessory on your wedding day.

We had a look at the history of bouquets and found some interesting stories. For example, in the middle ages, everyone took a yearly bath and so brides used to carry bouquets to mask their body odour from their new husbands (who they may be meeting for the first time on their wedding day)!

In Victorian times, it was said that brides picked out the flowers based on what they meant, to send messages to their new husbands. Each flower has a different meaning, such as roses symbolise love, orchids symbolise luxury and beauty, and daisies represent innocence.

Often delicate and perishable, your bouquet won't last more than a few weeks but there are countless ways to now preserve and treasure your bouquet forever. Here are a few of our favourites:

We love the idea of having a selection of the flowers pressed into a new arrangement and framed to display proudly in your home. The clear frames really give a modern feel to an old way of preserving flowers too!

These resin blocks can be made to say your initials or even a word or two, which can then be placed on a shelf or even used as book ends.

We think these would look amazing with white flower heads and foliage for a minimalist look.

We'd love some that say 'Dodmoor' to add to the office!

If you're into your crafts, this is a truly beautiful way to have a version of your bouquet forever.

The level of detail is incredible and we also think that it would be a beautiful gift to the bride to look forward to after the wedding, if you're a friend looking to find something to get the happy couple!

Now this is a showstopping piece for your home, which gives us major Beauty and the Beast vibes. Jeni, one of our wedding coordinators opted for this to preserve her bouquet after her wedding and LOVES it!

Charlotte actually got married here herself a few years ago and her wedding was filled with homemade ceramic place names and signs!

We love the idea of pressing some of your flowers into a mug and then you can enjoy your morning coffee everyday whilst thinking of your special day.

She can also make vases, tiles and lots of other bits incorporating your bouquet!

You could even send off your whole bouquet to be preserved and displayed in a beautiful box! We love the little addition of a buttonhole too...

Love, Dodmoor x

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