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Megan and Ben's October Wedding

Updated: Jun 19

How you met…

We actually started talking online on Plenty of Fish, Ben worked nights and I worked at the hospital, so it was quite difficult to be able to meet at first, but once we did we were already ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ by date 2! 


The proposal…

It was the sweetest thing, the day before Megan’s birthday we went out for dinner, Ben originally planned to do it at dinner but in reality it wasn’t either of our thing at all, so went to the hotel and scattered rose petals all over the bed. Made a little aisle out of rose petals, and an M & B on the bed, whilst playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

It was so emotional and romantic! I’m quite an inquisitive person and thought something was going to happen, so he bought me a promise ring a month before to shut me up, ha-ha!

Why we chose Dodmoor for our special day…

We was just browsing on Hitched, as the wedding was going to be in 8 months’ time we didn’t have too much choice but boy were we lucky Dodmoor had space.. it’s the best venue by far! Everyone that attended has commented on the venue and how much they absolutely loved it! 

The vision and theme for the day… 

We originally ‘planned’ an Alice in Wonderland theme for our wedding that was due to take place in 2021, but the beauty of Dodmoor didn’t need a theme for us, just rustic and beautiful. The venue does the talking itself!


We had a lovely charcuterie board by The Spitting Pig for nibbles in between the ceremony and during photos and drinks, then for mains we had a hog roast (also by Spitting Pig, absolutely delicious!) with the most wonderful stuffing we’ve ever tasted! The whole lot went down a treat, for after we had ice cream from the Horsebox Ice Cream Company, and that was just delicious too! 


Our favourite part of the day… 

The whole day was magical, more than I could have ever dreamed of. Both of us wanted a registry office and a pub in the beginning, but we’re so glad we did the bigger wedding thing, we had almost everyone we wanted there, and we even had our doggies there for 45 minutes.

One of our favourite moments of the whole day, was having dinner together as newly married husband and wife on a little table in the courtyard just us two. But of course, having all of our family and friends and seeing Mum & Dad’s faces when dad saw the dress for the first time!  

How Dodmoor as a venue stood out to us… 

It was just so pretty, the lights, the grounds, it’s all just beautiful. 


What was the plan/idea you felt really worked on the day?

The whole team was just amazing, Alice & Katie were such amazing help and took any stresses or worries we had away! We decided to have ‘photo bombs’ (our photographer was terrified, but seriously pulled it off!) where Ben and I sat in the middle of the room, everyone had a card, whoever had that card ran in, had a picture, and ran out! It was so much fun. 

The entertainment…

We just had a DJ, glow sticks, sweeties, and had a good ol’ chat with those we didn’t see much from different parts of the country! 


Where we felt our budget was well spent…

On the venue, photographer and the food, definitely. I was originally going to ‘scrimp and save’ a bit more on the food but so glad we paid the extra £250 to allow more choices and it really paid off!

The photographer, Jonathan Bickle, was phenomenal and the pictures that we have are just stunning! 


Personal touches that reflected us as a couple…

We had a lot of handmade decor items, something we both love doing as crafters. We had our dogs at the wedding which was so important to us, and we also had a cute little sign that said Achievement Unlocked : Just Married with the Sims 4 wedding sign! It’s very us as we’re also keen gamers!  

Suppliers we used and would recommend!

Dodmoor House, 10000% recommend. Jonathan Bickle was our photographer, and he was so good! We HATE pictures being taken, but he made them more into a story, it was lovely. The Spitting Pig & Horsebox Ice Cream were lovely, and we would definitely recommend all of these! The flowers were also stunning from Orange Blossom Florist, everyone commented on them, and we’ve actually preserved most of the flowers and they still are gorgeous! 

Our tip to other couples… 

Don’t stress the little things, what will be .. will be! Alice called us the most chilled out couple and wedding party, but to be honest, we were both marrying our best friend, so we had nothing to worry about!

Spend time with those that you love, enjoy every moment, take it all in and have ALL the food and drink you want, it’s your day! One thing we wish we had done was take a little tour of the venue after we got married to see it all, as I actually missed a few bits! 

A massive thank you to the lovely couple, Megan and Ben, for sharing with us their magical day! Also a big shout-out to Jonathan Bickle Photography for the beautiful photos which completely capture all the love and fun of their day.

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