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Kirsty and Luke's Autumn Wedding

How we met...

We were 17, my friend (who was one of the bridesmaids) had been invited to a band practice by Luke, and she asked me to tag along. I couldn't find a chair so sat on Luke's amplifier, which he promptly asked me to get off! We started talking over MSN messenger and eventually met up again. I was mutual friends with one of his band members, so we all hung out in London, and all day Luke was trying to get some alone time with me... Until finally, we sat down in Burger King and Nysnc "girlfriend" came on... He just pointed at the speaker when the lyrics said ".. So would you be my girlfriend?" and I said yes!

The proposal...

We were away in Paris and Disneyland for my 30th birthday and our 13 year anniversary. We'd spent all day walking around and I was exhausted, so when Luke kept trying to convince me to go back to a really pretty Disney castle that was really far away, I just got grumpy. Eventually Luke struck up the courage outside the perfect spot, and began to go down on one knee... I started asking him what he was doing... Luke felt a bit awkward and ended up hovering in a sort of lunge position whilst he asked me to marry him! Luke was hoping for me to cry I think, but instead I said "yeah, okay". Luke is definitely the romantic, thoughtful one out of us both!

Our vision for the day...

We wanted lots of candles in wine bottles from the guests (that were a good talking point as we left the labels on) , nature but relaxed, and nothing over the top. Dark flowers with green foliage, embracing the dark nights of a February date (the first date), but then suitable for the October wedding we had. Bringing the outside in!

The outfits...

Luke had bought his suit a few years ago from Reiss. Dark navy with very subtle checks. As someone that doesn't often wear dresses, I wanted one to show hints of my tattoos and feel special enough without me feeling like I was wearing something that wasn't me. I chose an amazing two piece by Willowby - the top was the last one left and has since been discontinued, so I was very grateful to have it. We opened the back of the top and added pearls, as well as adding some pearls to the rear of the skirt too.

With the groomsmen and bridesmaids, we were conscious of buying things just for the sake of it being for a wedding... We wanted them to have something they could wear again if they wanted, and that they felt comfortable in. Despite one bridesmaid being heavily pregnant with the due date one week after the wedding, we managed to find the perfect simple black velvet dresses from ASOS. The groomsmen had classic black suits from Reiss.

The food...

There was lots! We are both vegan, so we were so happy that Dodmoor allowed us to bring in our own catering. Before lockdown, we had secured club Mexicana for our wedding, but with restriction worries they cancelled four months before our date... Which turned out for the better. We went with Vegan Food Pimp - Lynn is incredible. We trusted her with the menu and said that all but two guests were non-vegan, so wanted to show people how good vegan food can be. She worked her magic and we had people asking for seconds.

Canapés- a mix of mini wraps, mini pastries, fruits, mini bruschetta, "salmon" and cream cheese.

Main meal-

“Steak” Guinness and mushroom pies made with VFP Seitan, “chicken” leek and cheese pies made with jackfruit, filo pastry parcels filled with spicy mushrooms and a cheese and tomato version, served with a mustard dressing and a basil mayo. Trays of creamy mac n "cheese" topped with crispy “bacon” bits, and lentil meatballs in a rice tomato sauce, served with potatoes and vegetables sides.

Dessert -

Trio of mini lemon and blueberry cheescake, Tiramisu, raspberry fool, cream, meringue and fresh fruit.

Evening food -

Bagels with vegan cream cheese and vegan sausages.

The cake -

A beautiful three tier, beautifully iced cake, with carrot cake as the base, coffee, and chocolate hazelnut. We added some fun little cow cake toppers just because we like cows!

We used the Dodmoor Sweet Wall, but brought in our own 10kg supply of vegan friendly pick n mix which went down a storm too!

Our favourite part of the day...

For both of us it was the evening... We both let loose and had so much fun dancing and singing. Luke did quite a bit of knee sliding. I don't drink but the joy of the day and having everyone around us lifted me up so much. Having so many restrictions recently really reminded us of how many people we love and hadn't seen in so long, so it was really lovely to have everyone we wanted around us. There wasn't a moment the dancing stopped, and it was perfect!


Luke being a musician really helped as we used two of his friends for our DJ's. It was lovely as they had a good idea of the music we already like, as well as what works for mixed crowds. A nice element was they joined us in huddles a few times to be part of our night, jumping up and down to music from our teenage years!

Personal touches that reflected us as a couple...

Lots of candles (we have 22 in our living room alone!), polaroid's up in the bar of us throughout our relationship, and the rustic hire items that worked really nicely.

The idea that worked well on the day...

Photobooth - our original one cancelled the afternoon before the wedding, so after a few frantic emails, Dodmoor helped us find the perfect booth that was so much better that our first choice.

Sparklers - although the drunk people waving was slightly terrifying to walk under, the photos came out amazingly and it added that magical feeling, especially with the drizzly rain. It was like a film!

Suppliers we used and loved...

(all @ on Instagram)

Photographers: @thymelanephoto

Dress: @heritagebrides

Hair and makeup: @aimeeelizabethmua

Flowers: @wildsapphireflorist

Catering: @veganfoodpimp

Scented candles: @lunanova_uk

Photobooth: @picme_photobooths

DJ's: @halezero

Cake: @theicedvegan

Finally, if we could give a tip to other couples...

Find two minutes on your own as a married couple and do what you want to make sure your wedding is yours, not what you think people want. I didn't think it was fair Luke had to give a speech, so although petrified, I gave one and I'm so glad I did. I also walked down the aisle solo out of choice... Speed walked but again, it felt right. Relax, don't overthink the small things... Guests will move seating plans and move your flowers, but it doesn't matter at all. Embrace everything the day brings and enjoy it together.

Special thanks to Kirsty and Luke for sharing their story, and Thyme Lane Photography for the photos x

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