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Updated: Mar 31

They say that small is beautiful so while the guest list might be intimate, the love is enormous...

It goes without saying that we love a wedding. Big-small, summer-winter, extravagant-minimalist. We love it all! And there is no right way. The most important thing is that the two people tying the knot have the best days of their lives. The smile on their faces is what we look out for, and that all comes down to doing what makes them happy! So if a small and intimate wedding sounds more like you, then go for it.

There is so much to love about intimate weddings, and while "micro weddings" were certainly popular during the pandemic, the idea seems to be here to stay! There has been a huge rise in smaller weddings taking place over the last year, and there are so many reasons why an intimate wedding might be for you.

This could be anything, from price tags to not loving the being in the spotlight! Whatever it may be, it is your wedding, and you can do it your way.

Aaron Collett Photography

With an intimate wedding, you are more likely to be able to do everything you want, whilst staying well within budget. If you're foodies, you could go all out and opt for a 5 course tasting menu. Or if flowers are your thing, you can spend a larger chunk of the budget on decking out the venue in beautiful florals.

If you're worried about the guest list, keeping it close family and friends makes it all the easier, and you'll feel more relaxed. We know that weddings can be stressful! So keeping it small can minimise that stress. On the whole, an intimate wedding will make it a special experience with those you love the most.

We want to appeal to everyone here at Dodmoor, which is why we are launching our ‘micro-midweek’ special deals for intimate weddings. These are exclusively targeted at Wednesday weddings, but it may be possible to extend it to some other midweek dates in quieter months.

Basically, if you get married on a Wednesday at Dodmoor with 30 guests, the most you will pay is half the normal price. It would be less than this for 20 guests and less again for just 10 of you.

We may be able to extend this deal up to 50 guests outside peak months depending on availability, so the exact price will depend on your exact numbers and your exact date - just ask us for details and we can discuss the options!

So if a smaller 'intimate' wedding sounds like something you are looking for, keep reading to find out how we can accommodate the day of your dreams at Dodmoor House.

Aden Priest Photography

It of course depends on what you class as intimate and how many people you have on your guest list, but we have hosted weddings for as little as four guests before, and it's just as magic as a wedding for 100!

With fewer than 50 guests, you have the choice of either barn to hold your ceremony in (or you could even have it outside, as outdoor ceremonies are now legal in England). You can still opt for either the 'traditional' or 'middle' set up, and we can easily switch up the layout depending on the number of guests you have and how you want the room to look and feel.

'Traditional' ceremony for 12 guests in the Courtyard Barn by Sophie Ann Photography 'Traditional ceremony for 30 guests in the Catesby Barn by Tim Hill Photography

'Middle' ceremony for 30 guests in the courtyard by Tim Hill Photography 'Middle' ceremony for 16 guests in the Catesby Barn

'Traditional' ceremony for 50 guests in the Catesby Barn by Ania Ames Photography

'Middle' ceremony for 24 guests in the Courtyard Barn

'Traditional' ceremony for 12 guests in the Courtyard Barn by Sophie Ann Photography

The same goes for the wedding breakfast! It's your choice which barn you use for the meal (depending on which you use for the ceremony), and it's your choice how you have your tables set up. If you like the idea of a traditional meal set up with round tables, there's nothing stopping you, even with a small number!

We can seat up to 58 on round tables in both barns, with 10 on each table (8 under the mezzanine in the Catesby Barn), however you can reduce the number of guests on each table if you have a lower total guest number! This means that you can spread your guests across the tables, and still have the traditional look.

Round tables in the Courtyard Barn (close up of guests by Ania Ames Photography)

Round tables in the Catesby Barn by Aaron Collett Photography

If you'd like something a little different and a bit more intimate, you could have all of your guests on one big banquet table together - family style. We can seat up to 44 guests on a banquet table in the Courtyard Barn, and up to 38 guests on a banquet table in the Catesby Barn. We have however done banquet tables for smaller numbers in both barns, and the room still feels beautifully filled!

Banquet table for 15 guests in the Courtyard Barn by Ayelle Photography

Banquet table for 30 guests in the Courtyard Barn by Tim Hill Photography

Banquet table for 30 guests in the Catesby Barn by David Swailes Photography

Banquet table for 14 guests in the Catesby Barn by Sophie Ann Photography

It is totally up to you how your wedding day goes, but if you're having a slightly smaller guest list then you might also like a slightly shorter day. After the meal you could enjoy some tea and coffee with your guests, and perhaps cut the cake or have some games, before waving everyone off in the early evening.

However, we have also had some great evening parties for 20-30 guests in the Catesby Barn, maybe with a live singer to set the atmosphere, perhaps with a ceilidh band or you could our ‘DIY DJ’ package to play your own playlist, and we can set up an extra table or two of seating to ensure the dancefloor always feels busy. Or you could just use the courtyard or Mezzanine Bar areas for an intimate evening, enjoying a few drinks with your nearest and dearest.

The two of you can then retire to the Honeymoon Suite and take in all of the moments from the day!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please get in touch to discuss your ideas and the great discounts that we can offer! Email us now on weddings@dodmoorhouse.co.uk for further information #LOVEdodmoor

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