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Dodmoor Evening Food

Here at Dodmoor House we are happy for you to bring in your own daytime and evening caterers. We love that couples are always finding fun and inventive ways to feed their guests in the evening, and we completely support that!

If however, you are interested in taking away the stress of looking for your own caterer for the evening, Dodmoor House has you sorted with a Burger Bar, Toastie Shack or Hog Roast! Please see below for information and prices.

Dodmoor House Burger Bar
Sweet Shop.jpg

We would like to offer you a tasty and cost-effective option for your evening catering at Dodmoor House - a fun burger bar,

toastie shack, a classic hog or beef roast, along with a sweet "dessert" option too.

The burger bar is expertly grilled on a BBQ in the courtyard and your guests can choose from beef burgers, sausages, bacon or veggie burgers. They can then add any of the following toppings to make their perfect burger; slices of tomato, cheese, onion, gherkins, lettuce leaves, tomato sauce, HP sauce, mayonnaise and guacamole. 

The toastie shack would also be set up in the courtyard in a similar style to the burger bar, with the toasties being cooked in front of your guests. Choose from our menu of cheese, bacon and cranberry; cheese, chorizo and peppers (a spicy one); cheese, tomato and pesto (vegetarian); or the "classic" ham and cheese. Please note that a vegan alternative will be available on request. 

The hog roast carved from a spit in the courtyard can add an extra buzz to the evening, and hot food is always enjoyed by wedding guests. We have negotiated a special rate with two local farmers for either of these options. The hog comes with stuffing, apple sauce and crackling. 

If you like the sound of the hog roast, but have slightly lower guest numbers (125 or below), you could opt for a more cost

effective option of pork joint rolls! These would be handed round to your guests, rather than buffet style. 


All the packages come with the expert carver/chef, while we provide the staff, so there are no extra costs for you to worry about!

(With a vegetarian or vegan option available too).

Included with each evening food package will also be a choice of three "dessert" options! Choose from either donuts (80), popcorn (100) or our sweet wall/traditional sweet shop (100 portions) (the location of your evening sweets is dependent on other factors of your wedding reception but will be communicated in your Day in Detail Planning Meeting).

Prices (including VAT) are as follows:                                                               2024


Burger Bar and Dessert Option 100 guests (min)                                         £945
Extra evening guests (over 100)                                                                        £3.50 each

Toastie Shack and Dessert Option 100 guests (min)                                    £880 

Extra evening guests (over 100)                                                                        £2.00 each        

Hog Roast and Dessert Option 100 guests (min)                                         £1045
Extra evening guests (over 100)                                                                        £3.50 each

Pork Rolls and Dessert Option for up to 100 guests                                     £945

Extra evening guests (over 100, but 125 maximum)                                      £3.50 each


We would ask that you pay a £100 deposit to confirm the booking, and the balance would then be due two months before the wedding.


Any charge for extra evening guests (over 100 total) would be calculated on your latest final numbers the week before the wedding, and included on your final bill the morning after the wedding along with any drinks or bar tabs (children under 5 are free).

Please note that our evening food packages don't include side dishes such as salads or chips.

To book one of the above packages or to find our more please email us at

Dodmoor Donuts 1.jpg

Dodmoor Treat Wall 

You could upgrade your dessert option to all three sweet choices on our Dodmoor Treat Wall! 

This includes 60 donuts displayed on a donut wall and shelves, 100 portions of popcorn (salted & sweet) in our pallet stand,

and 100 portions of pick'n'mix sweets in Perspex sweet boxes with tongs, scoops and bags.

The cost to hire the Treat Wall is £200, in addition to Dodmoor Evening Food. 


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