5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Wedding Magical The weather in winter can certainly be unpredictable. However, there’s nothing quite like a frosty December morning, or a clear winter’s night when the sky is dotted with stars as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing that brings on nostalgia quite like warm fires, hot meals and long winter walks, wrapped up in so many layers it’s impossible to tell where you end and your favourite sweater begins. When most people think of...
Introducing Potter Group - one of our long time favourites at Dodmoor House! Not only do they provide quality DJ-ing and music on your wedding night, they can also totally transform the Catesby Barn from cosy and pretty, to electric and vibrant (with just a flash of mood lighting and some poseur tables here and there!), creating the perfect evening party for you and your guests... ‘Individually Designed For You Every Time’ ‘Potter Group’ is a leading designer brand in...
The lovely people at have been doing a lot of research lately into weddings and what it is that makes a modern bride! Some of the below facts and figures were definitely news to us here at Dodmoor House HQ and we thought some of you would find it just as interesting as we did!     To find lots of other useful information and inspiration head over to Hitched for blog articles, suppliers and all things weddings!  
Living in the UK, we are all aware that the one thing we cannot control is the weather. The main question that comes up regarding the weather at weddings is how will the photographer capture pictures of the day? This post is to show how you can still get amazing shots throughout the day at Dodmoor House come rain or shine!     The Dodford Room and Honeymoon Suite are the perfect setting for getting ready in for your big day and provide a lovely back drop to have pictures with your...
One of our favourite trends we've seen over the last year are homemade signs popping across the venue, our couples aren't afraid to try a bit of DIY and it's certainly paying off.  This is just a small selection of some of our favourites we thought we would share with you for a bit of inspiration!  Chalkboard signs are great to play around with as you can try and try again until it's perfect for you and really tie in with the rustic feel here at Dodmoor.  ...
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