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Photo opportunities at Dodmoor House

Updated: May 16, 2022

Your wedding photos are something you will treasure forever, frame in your home, and maybe one day show to your grandchildren! From the first kiss to the first dance, your photographer will be catching all of it on camera for you to keep.

This is why we love for our couples to make the most of all the special places at Dodmoor House. We always recommend that you take some time in the day (whether it's during the drinks reception or after the meal at sunset!) to be away from everyone else and soak it all in, just the two of you. During this time is the perfect opportunity for your photographer to capture those precious moments.

So setting aside all the great spots for group photos here, take a little look below at all the beautiful areas and opportunities for photos around the grounds of Dodmoor, and don't forget to show your photographer if they've not shot here before!

'The Happy Couple' parking space

Aden Priest Photography and Ania Ames Photography

This little zone is reserved for the two of you, whether arriving from church in a wedding car, or parking here on arrival from the beginning of the day. Your photographer can capture you pulling into your parking space as newlyweds, or make us of the cute 'Happy Couple' sign!

The courtyard entrance

Ania Ames Photography and Fine Art Weddings by David Swailes

Whatever the weather, the courtyard entrance always looks pretty. With the glow of the fairy lights in the winter, and the greenery and foliage in the summer, this is a perfect spot for photos.

The courtyard steps

Sophie Ann Photography and Hanish Parmar Photography

Always a winner - the confetti shot. Line your guests up on the courtyard steps, make your way through the confetti, and seal it with a kiss at the end.

The Main House

Sam Bennett Photography and Hannah Hall Photography

Home to Dodmoor owners Mark and Louise, the main house is a classic Dodmoor backdrop. While it's not officially part of the venue as such, photographers love to use the outside for photos, either of the two of you or joined by your family and Wedding Party.

The Driveway

Rebecca Louise Photography and First Sight Weddings Photography

The gravel driveway leading to the house is also a great spot. Lined with apple trees that blossom in the summer, and turn to crisp orange and yellows in the autumn.

The 'garage'

Fine Art Weddings by David Swailes and First Sight Weddings Photography

When we say "garage", you might not think "picture-perfect backdrop", but our cute little garage at Dodmoor really is! The front features rustic wood and brick, while the side is covered in ivy and foliage.

The garage path

First Sight Weddings Photography

Continuing the theme of foliage, the path that leads to the garage is covered with greenery.

The 'shed'

Sam Bennett Photography

Another unexpected hidden gem! When we say "shed" do you think "stunning stone backdrop"? But really, look at it!

The Lawn

Thyme Lane Photography

The setting for summer drinks receptions, but by no means off limits for photos at any time of the year!

The walled garden

Casey Avenue Photography and Blooming Photography

At the far end of the lawn is a gorgeous brick wall enclosing the garden. Roses cover the wall in spring and summer, while the brickwork looks stunning on its own in the cooler months.

The garden mirror

Joanna Briggs Photography and Aden Priest Photography

We added a feature mirror to the garden wall a few years ago, and the photos speak for themselves!

Trees at the lawn

Rebecca Louise Photography and Sam Bennett Photography

There's something magical about photos amongst the huge trees at the end of the lawn.

The 'secret garden' door

Emma Brooks Photography and Sara Beaumont Photography

If you've seen the film 'The Secret Garden', you'll know what we mean about this door. We love it!

The bridge

Emma Brooks Photography and First Sight Weddings Photography

On the road into Dodmoor, you and your guests will make your way over this little hump back bridge. It's right outside the venue, and makes for very cute photos.

The lane

Emma Brooks Photography and Tim Hill Photography

The lane into Dodford village is also on the doorstep of Dodmoor House. Take some real time out together and wander towards the sunset, while your photographer captures it all.

The canal

Emma Brooks Photography and First Sight Weddings Photography

The Grand Union Canal runs right next to the lawn at Dodmoor, and if you make your way over the hump back bridge and down the little path, you'll be by the water within seconds.

The 'top lawn'

Michelle White Photography

While the main lawn is where most of the photos may be taken, the lawn at the top of the venue behind the Catesby Barn can also create some beautiful shots. The sun sets over this side of Dodmoor, so it's worth taking a stroll up there after your meal and catching that golden hour.

Fairy lights

Chris Barber Photography, Hannah Hall Photography and Daisy Dots Photography

It's no secret that we're a little crazy for fairy lights at Dodmoor. When it gets dark later on, make the most of the festoon lights and fairy lights to get some truly magical photos.


Hannah Hall Photography and Ania Ames Photography

Sparklers are a real favourite and always make incredible photos. The top level of the courtyard is the perfect place for this, with space for all of your guests to join, and the twinkly tree in the background.

If it rains

Fine Art Weddings by David Swailes, Emma Brooks Photography and Thyme Lane Photography

There is always the question of "what if it rains?" and we promise we have you covered. The insides of the barns are just as beautiful as the grounds, with wooden beams, candles and fairy lights, and there's many hidden areas around the venue which are pretty whilst also undercover, such as the porch to the main house and the wooden doorway (low lighting also adds to the romance)! However, writing as a real bride who had a literal downpour ALL day on my wedding day, my best advice is to grab an umbrella and embrace it. You'll have so much fun, and the photos will be worth it.

With thanks to all of the credited photographers for these stunning photos, showing so much of Dodmoor's beauty!

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