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   How we met and the proposal... We’d love to say that we met somewhere really romantic… But unfortunately our love story started on a wintry Saturday night in Lloyds Bar, Rugby, that has sticky carpet and cheap drinks! We exchanged numbers, and text back and forth for weeks, until Nick eventually actually asked me out on a date! THE proposal was much more romantic; Nick took me to Rome for my birthday in the summer of 2016, after being together just over three years. He...
   How we met... I first met Johnny way back in 2008. I’m from Leeds but I did a University work placement in Bedfordshire and ended up going for a night out in Leighton Buzzard. Only one bar stayed open late so of course I had to go in there. It was the tiniest, seediest little bar (with ladies that occasionally came out in their lingerie) but it is where I met Johnny. He claims that he was also only there because it stayed open late! We had a few dates whilst I lived down...
          How we met and the proposal... We knew each other through work and through our work relationship we became friends, and then fell for each other. We’ve been together for 15 years and had toyed with the idea of getting engaged for about 4-5 years but never actually followed through with it. After a few emotional years with family things, we realised that we did want to do it and the proposal was very casual and almost comical. I always...
     How we met... We met on our first day at Warwick University where we lived two doors down from each other in our halls. We quickly became best of friends and our relationship blossomed about a year later.      The proposal... On New Year’s Eve 2014, Jonny and I decided that we would walk up to the top of Bredon Hill to watch everybody’s fireworks go off at midnight. Jonny’s plan was to propose at the top of the hill with no one else...
Amy and James got married in St Mary's Church in Barby, on a beautfiul day at the end of February. They then made their way to Dodmoor House for the reception, where they declared the start of Spring, with lots of pretty pink and yellow...   :: Tell us how you met and the proposal... We met in a pub in Northampton, and the proposal happened in a hilltop village in Tuscany!   :: The dress was… Jaw droppingly beautiful. :: What was your favourite part of the day?  The...
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It was a fantastic day! There was good communication so we were always aware of everything during the planning process. Dodmoor is in a beautiful location, and the lighting of the barns is great in the evening, particularly with the autumn colours, which showed in our photos.
Claire and Chris
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