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How we met... We met when we were both working for Volkswagon, it was my first day and Roland was training me! Within minutes, we established that we were both working there temporarily for a couple of months as we were both off travelling… to Thailand! After three months of working together, we set off on our travels on separate ventures, but we decided to meet up and travel together for a week here and there. After many emotional goodbyes, we both knew we were meant to be together...
   How we met... Against all odds our relationship began after a holiday romance, AND it was long distance. We met in 2007 where I was working in Greece, and Gary was on holiday. I swept him off his feet by offering him free drinks in a bar I was working at, and we carried on meeting up before he left to go home. When I returned to England we continued to meet despite the 200 miles distance and after three and a half years, I made the move from Bolton to London. A year later we moved...
   How we met, and the proposal... We met at Northampton Rowing Club exactly three years ago on the day of our wedding. Ollie was a member of the rowing club, and I was there doing a talk on nutrition. Ollie proposed on New Years Day 2017. He wanted to get up early and go on a dog walk before the rain came. At 8am, I reluctantly got out of bed (still a little bit hungover from the celebrations the night before), put on my scruffs and wellies, and went for a muddy walk in the fields...
   How we met, and the proposal... We met at work five years ago, and we just clicked straight away. Nick makes me laugh everyday! Christmas 2015 we decided to go away to a cottage in the peak district. Christmas morning as we sat opening our presents, Nick was very fidgety... as I opened my last present which was a vanity box filled with cosmetics, rather than open all the cosmetics, I thought I would leave them until later. Nick seemed annoyed at this so I continued into the box...
How we met... We met the traditional way… on Tinder. I messaged Roger first and told him I liked the hat he was wearing in one of his photos. We met for a first date dinner about a week later – he shared a starter with me (he NEVER shares food), he booked a restaurant in Sidcup by accident for our second date and I took him rock climbing on our third date… he didn’t tell me he was scared of heights until he was at the top of the wall… hilarious.   ...
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  Every single thing was thought of and every question that needed to be asked was asked, and I wouldn’t have thought of half of it myself! Your help was invaluable.
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