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   How we met and the proposal... We met in a pub called Fat Pug in Leamington Spa – Thomas didn’t know then that Ayane is a crazy pug lady… The proposal happened over the international air space (aka in the plane) on the way home from a trip to Japan! Thomas was silly enough to have packed the ring in the checked-in luggage, so he had to open up his luggage at Heathrow luggage reclaim, and propose again!    The dress was… A mermaid style dress by...
   How we met and the proposal... We met within the first few weeks of starting Huddersfield University back in 2005, and ten years later to the day, we got engaged! We were staying near Loch Lomond for a weekend to celebrate that we had been together for ten years. Chris proposed on a boat that we sailed out into the middle of Loch Lomond. It was amazing in every way!    The dress was… Just perfect! I always knew I wanted a lace dress, and after trying lots of...
   How we met and the proposal...  We met while both working in Morrison’s, I was working in the café at the weekends while I was at school, and Tim was working the same as he was doing an apprenticeship. One Saturday we had both had to change our shifts to cover out of work arrangements, and I got a splinter that went under the length of my finger. While I was seeing a first aider in the canteen, Tim was on his lunch break and proceeded to make fun of me. The rest...
How we met and the proposal... We met in 2008 through Emily working at Waitrose and making friends with Lucas’ best friend Alex, who also worked at Waitrose! The best man! Sometimes Alex would bring Lucas on our work nights out and I always really fancied him! Lucas proposed to me at the Christmas Markets in Birmingham in November 2015. It was such a surprise! I wasn't dressed for the occasion at all, I had a jumper on with a dog on it and my hair was a mess :o it was the best...
  Tell us how you met and the proposal... We were both out with friends the night we met in 2012. Oli already knew one of my friends that I was with, as my friend knew his sister. We got chatting after bumping into each other in a bar and he made me take my shoes off in the middle of the dance floor to check how tall I was! Once he was satisfied with my height he asked for my phone and saved his number in it himself. After that night we met up again a few times and just clicked. It didn...
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Honestly I would not change a thing about our wedding day. I wouldn’t even want to have the day again, because it was perfect.
Laura and Dave Pymont
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