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   How we met... We met online, at the beginning of 2015. After a couple of weeks speaking online, we met up and went for a drink. We've been inseperable since then!     The proposal... I had spoken (quite a bit) about how much I wanted to be married, but I didn't know it was going to happen on the day. We had planned to go to Cambridge for the day, for afternoon tea and shopping (my favourite things to do). Towards the end of the day, Tom took me to an amazing...
   How we met and the proposal... We actually met online, which seems to be more and more popular at the moment! I'd signed up out of curiosity, when I had a message saying Jurgen had added me as a favourite. Not quite sure what this meant, the messages were sent back and forth for a few weeks before we plucked up the courage to meet for the first time. The rest, as they say, is history! I’m a huge fan of travelling so after dating for a year, I'd left Jurgen at home for...
   How we met and the proposal... We met on a night out in Lancaster, where we both went to university. Frazer was on a reunion night, and Sian was in her third year. Frazer and his friends wanted to know the best places to go so struck up conversation with Sian and her friends. We kissed in the final bar and Frazer offered Sian his coat to walk home. The rest is history! Frazer organised a surprise weekend to Paris to celebrate both of our birthdays. He decided to go all out and...
   How we met and the proposal... We met when we were 15 and 16 in the classiest of places, Kingsthorpe snooker club, watching the 2006 World cup. I remember seeing Brendan when I walked in, and turned to my friend to point him out! But I also thought he was about 26! He looked so old! The club was packed and there were no seats, so I ended up standing in Brendan's way, and he kicked me! Not the most romantic of meetings but it got us talking! It took him seven and a half years to...
          How we met... Rob and I met at Warwick Castle, where we both worked as part of the photography team. After a year of workplace flirting I finally gave in and agreed to go on a date with him. After a few months of dating Rob was offered an opportunity to go and work in New Zealand and asked me to go with him. It was a huge decision, but of course I said yes. We had an incredible time living on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand but after...
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The Dodmoor experience was literally a dream come true for us. We had an absolutely perfect day and that is largely down to the very special venue and outstanding staff. We can’t thank you enough. 
Deanna and John
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