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You can cater for up to  74 guests for a seated wedding reception on round tables or up to 96 guests on trestle tables, including the mezzanine floor. Our table lay-out templates help you to plan how your guests could be seated for various capacities.

Please choose one of these lay-outs on the ground floor of the Catesby Barn:

:: Straight Top Table and Rounds (seating 56 guests)

:: Round Top Table and Rounds (seating 58 guests)

:: Trestle Tables with a Top Table (seating 74 guests)

:: Trestle tables with no top table (seating 80 guests)

:: Split Trestle Tables (seating 64 guests)

If necessary, you may like to use the mezzanine to provide additional seating for guests (it can seat between 10-16 guests). Please click here to find all the layouts we can do on the mezzanine. 

General guidance

Please ensure that your final numbers include all children over six months, although it is sometimes possible to add a high chair as the 11th space on one or two tables if it is absolutely necessary. Also remember to include yourself and your partner in your final numbers - you'd be surprised how easily you can forget yourselves!

We can cater for larger numbers of up to 120-150 for more informal daytime gatherings, with guests seated around the venue in the courtyard, Courtyard Barn and Catesby Barn.

Dodmoor House is also perfect for smaller numbers and we have hosted several intimate weddings for around 20-40 guests.

Please contact us for further seating advice (including the best seats for wheelchairs, young children, grandparents and taller guests, as well as those seats with slightly less leg room/space than others), as well as further details of marquee extensions.


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  We can't thank you guys enough – you did such a brilliant job! You went the extra mile, nothing was too much trouble and it will be a day we will never forget. 
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