Welcome To Dodmoor House!

We are so pleased that you could join us for our Open Evening and hope that you enjoy looking round the venue.


Please head to the Mezzanine if you have any specific questions for our wedding coordinators about your plans!


We also wanted to highlight a few things to look out for during your visit, as well as giving you a couple of updates.


There are a couple of suppliers here for you to meet today:


Lemon Zest & Portfolio Events – our two recommended caterers are in the Catesby Barn, along with Gavin from 1Entertainments.


Orange Blossom Florists and Ariella Strings are in the Courtyard Barn while Tim Hill is in the Dodford Room (next to the bridal suite)

Drinks Tasting

We are offering tasting of a selection of drinks from our daytime drinks packages from the main bar, with seating areas on the mezzanine as well.


We have been revamping our wine list to keep ahead of likely changes in stock availability around the world, so please do taste our new range.


We have also freshened up our daytime drinks packages with some new cocktails and a selection of these are also available for you to taste.


We have had to increase our daytime package prices slightly from the 2021 rates to keep pace with increases in supplier costs and inflation.


However, we’ve done our very best to keep these rises to the minimum possible, while still being able to offer you a great selection of choice!


You can see our updated 2022 list of daytime drinks via this link – https://524634d0-6a63-4f41-becf-0707ebc98605.filesusr.com/ugd/3ad374_b95f3c95d73540129eb13e5e4eaf7a78.pdf

Hire @ Dodmoor

You can see our exciting range of Hire@Dodmoor items around the venue, as well as on the mezzanine


The full range can be found on our website here – https://www.dodmoorhouse.co.uk/hire-at-dodmoor


Please ask for any further details as to how these items could be incorporated into your own special day.

Thanks again for coming, please do ask our team on the Mezzanine any questions about your own wedding plans while you are here.


Or please drop us an email afterwards at weddings@dodmoorhouse.co.uk and we would be delighted to help you!


Best wishes, Mark, Louise and the rest of the Dodmoor team

Thank You!