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Trends to watch out for in 2019!

Can you actually believe we are in the last working week of 2018!? We have such a great year but we won't lie; sitting at home for a few days with lots of chocolates, cheese and Christmas TV is just what we need to get recharged for all the weddings next year.

This time of year everyone starts putting together their trend predictions for the following year. Here are some of our favourites:

Ed Godden Photos

Simple and classic wedding dresses

The Royal wedding has inspired designer all around the world to take heed from Meghan's timeless and classic style. We are expecting brides with clean cut lines and dramatic silhouettes in more structured fabrics such as satin and charmeuse.


Grazing boards

The buffet is back in 2019, but we aren't talking sausage rolls or cheese with pineapple! Think beautifully displayed tables filled with cheeses, meats with vibrant fruits and even flowers to create a work of art to WOW your guests.

Hannah Hall Photography

Scent your own wedding

Smell is such an important sense, a simple fragrance can remind you of such a happy memory and why should your wedding be any different. Jo Malone is famous for providing their wedding scent service! Use scented candles and reed diffusers to create a beautiful scent to waft through the barn. We recently had a wedding filled with mulled wine scented candles and it was absolutely divine.

All of my days photography

Wedding wind downs

Couples are choosing to start their parties later and later, opting for maximum quality time with their loved ones. A wedding wind down hour is in between the meal and the first dance, we like to arrange for this to be in the Courtyard Barn served with your caterer's tea and coffee. You can use this time to play a game (Mr and Mrs is always a winner), serve more cocktails to guests or have some chilled out music before the nights shenanigans commence!

White Cottage Weddings

Illustrated Invites

If there's one thing that couples love it's personalisation, so why not start with the first thing your guests see; your invitations. Have a drawing of you and your partner, your venue (we would love to see this btw) or doodles of things that mean a lot to you. White Cottage Weddings provide a range of amazing hand drawn illustrations as well as bespoke services to get your perfect invites!

What trends are you hoping to see come into 2019?!

See you soon!

The Dodmoor Family

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