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Our Top 9 Photos on Instagram

Instagram is filled with so many beautiful images that we couldn't possible decide our favourites so we pulled our top nine photos from our Instagram feed of what are YOUR favourites and think it sums up our year perfectly! (We've worked left to right, row by row just so you can follow)....

1. May saw the launch of the pallet wall in the Courtyard Barn after thinking about what we could do that was different, rustic and would let our couples add their personality to the Barn! Although it looks beautifully simple on it's own we love what some couples have chosen to do with it - look below for some inspo...

1. David Swailes Photography 2. Honeybees Event Hire 3. Julie Anna Flowers 4. Natalie J Weddings

2. The bluest of blue skies above the Catesby Barn shot by Lisa Webb Photography

3. Okay, so this particular photo by the wonderful Tim Hill is actually at the Church but features our very own Shona and her new husband Eddy. They got married on Saturday 12th September and it was glorious! We of course headed back to Dodmoor after the ceremony, drank lots of Prosecco, ate from one of the four amazing food trucks, feasted on far too many sweets and donuts and danced the night away. The most perfect of days if we do say so ourselves

4. A shot of the courtyard during the drinks reception by Natalie J Weddings . We have to admit the courtyard is our fave place for drinks receptions; we can set up all the drinks on the top level and just love watching everyone mingle all around us.

Speaking of drinks receptions, our unlimited drinks packages have been slightly re-jigged for 2020. We've introduced lots of new cocktail options, an amazing new drinks cabinet and you can even have a mojito or martini bar (Passionfruit martinis anyone?) Click here to find out more!

5. Emma and Ryan's wedding in June was a beaut and shot by Katrina Matthews. They live in America although Emma is originally from just down the road and they planned a quintessentially British wedding to entertain their U.S friends. Our friends over at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings wrote a wonderful post with Emma - it's definitely worth a read if not only to see more epic smoke bomb photos!

6. This year we launched our Hire at Dodmoor range which includes everything from popcorn stands to DIY photobooths and everyone has been going mad for our rustic LOVE letters! We love the fairy light effect over traditional bulbs and think they really make a nice addition to the Catesby Barn. Shot by our wonderful friend Tim Hill

7. The most colourful confetti shot by Aaron Collett Photography. Because who in this world doesn't love a confetti photo (we do for the most part but gosh it can take a long time to clean it all up hehe, always worth it though)!

8. Rachael and Tom's golden hour shot by Michelle White Photography Rachael's epic veil gives us proper Hailey Bieber vibes!

This beautiful August wedding was filled with beautiful bouquets made by the bridal party literally the night before the wedding. Look how AMAZING they turned out!

9. Another sneak peek of a Hire at Dodmoor item - the donut wall! The perfect option for a dessert for your evening food!

And there you have it! We would love you to tag us in your favourite wedding photos on Instagram using the hashtag #LOVEdodmoor so we can share them on a future blog post! Just pop your photographers name somewhere for us so we can credit them!

Here's to another year filled with lots of lovely photos of all of you!

Love, Dodmoor x

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