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I Love Crepes

A blog post by our recommended supplier I Love Crêpes: Crêperie Station...

At Dodmoor House you are spoilt for choice and cannot go wrong with some incredible recommended suppliers. Holding our own and a company in its 9th year of business and with the grey hairs to prove it, I Love Crêpes mission is to treat everyday like Pancake Day, well we should say crêpe day, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Like all good food, it is important to use quality ingredients and cook it fresh. We use free range and organic ingredients for the homemade batter and an array of toppings that brides and groom can choose. An upshot of cooking fresh to order is added theatre for your occasion. Picture a crêpe station with 1 or 2 chefs cooking on your behalf from a menu chosen by you. Fillings of your choice all on show, from crushed Oreo biscuit to fresh strawberries and of course the customary Nutella.

Our next mission after treating everyday like Pancake Day is highlighting the majestic, the delightful savoury crêpe. For some guests their first taste of a savoury crêpe is at a wedding. Yes, one or two people are unsure of the idea at first - because of childhood memories of the standard Lemon & Sugar or Jam crêpes for Pancake Day - but the reaction to the crêpes is fantastic. These last few months we have started doing Chorizo, Stilton & Spinach, and that has proven to be very popular. Think of it as a pancake version of a toastie.

The choice of options is endless. We do offer varied menu examples in response to enquiries, but are happy to appease your taste buds with your childhood favourites or what you only thought could be concocted in your dreams. Give us the challenge!

If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist. We just ask for wedding guest numbers, date and menu preferences. Our email address is

Happy planning & best wishes,

Martyn & Amanda


- We would be happy to discount bookings at Dodmoor House for weekday weddings by £50.

- If there is other hot food being served at a similar time in the evening, say for example pizza, we would be open to using one chef (if it is just a sweet menu), reducing the price by £100.

*Please speak directly to I Love Crepes about these offers*

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