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Blossom Tree Décor

Let's rewind to Emily and Lucas' wedding in May 2017, which was simply STUNNING. A huge feature of their day that made quite the impact was their incredible blossom trees, which filled the Catesby Barn for their wedding breakfast. The beautiful photo below caught the eyes of many couples, so we therefore wanted to take this opportunity to provide suggestions as to how to recreate this wonderful look!

Image by Light and Lace Photography, blossom trees by Red Floral Architecture.

This particular set up was made possible by the amazing Red Floral Architecture, who are based in Manchester. The stylists arrived on the morning of the wedding to have everything in place for the arrival of guests (who were all blown away on entering the barn!), and they then actually stayed in the local area so that they were nearby for as and when they were required.

This meant that they could return to the venue after the wedding breakfast to take the trees off the tables (they are extremely heavy and therefore our staff could not do this themselves), and then re-place them around the room for the evening party. The stylists also came back at the end of the evening too, so that they could safely clear down and take away their blossom trees and decor pieces.

Red Floral Architecture are brilliant, and their attention to detail and service was truly amazing. However we do understand that couples might be looking for something a little more local and/or on a slightly smaller scale! (This would also save costs on travel and accommodation as Red Floral would need to stay nearby for the moving and take down of the trees, as Dodmoor House staff cannot be responsible).

Wildflower Styling (left) and Red Floral Architecture (right).

We know a couple of lovely and local suppliers who could certainly help in recreating this enchanted theme! These include Wildflower Styling and Very Special Events. If blossom trees or "enchanted" are what you're looking for, it is absolutely worth getting in touch with these fabulous ladies to discuss the possibility of creating this look (or something similar!) at your wedding.

The key thing to consider is the set up and take down time that this sort of decoration takes, and it is important to discuss this with suppliers before confirming any bookings. Think about what time your ceremony is, and ensure that the decoration can be set and in place by the time your guests begin to arrive (around one hour before the ceremony begins). We allow access to suppliers from 9.30am, so this should hopefully give plenty of time.

You may choose to have your blossom trees in the wedding breakfast barn, or in the ceremony barn similar to the below photo - this was provided by Wildflower Styling. Just make sure you check with us first that the trees can fit in the specific places you would like them in! In regards to the evening, it would take us a little longer than usual to clear the tables after the meal if the trees are in place in this barn, so we would just need to factor this in when calculating set up for the DJ or band, and the time of the first dance.

Image by Claire Hirst Photography, blossom tree by Wildflower Styling.

If you are thinking of re-using the trees throughout the day in different areas of the venue, you would need to check if the decoration is moveable, or if the supplier would need to return to the venue to move the items themselves, similar to Red Floral. If you chose to have the decoration in the ceremony barn similar to above, you may decide not to move it at all, and it could become a backdrop for photos in the Courtyard Barn for the remainder of the day and evening! (It is also important that suppliers are made aware that they would need to collect the items at the end of the night, or return the following morning to collect between 8.30-9am.)

Once you have discussed ideas with a possible supplier for your blossom trees, we do ask that you just check in with us, so that we can ensure your plans will work perfectly. We would then liaise with your supplier (as we would with all of the suppliers on the day!) to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We hope this blog has been helpful! If you have any questions regarding blossom trees or decoration set up in general, please email x

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