Lace Unlimited Drinks Package - £15.00 per person

For the drinks reception

                                                            Prosecco Viticoltori Ponte (£14.95 per bottle)                                                             
This fruity sparkling wine has an elegant and fresh bouquet with hints of apple. Italy
(6 glasses)

Ponte Aurora Rose (£14.95 per bottle)
A delicate, light and fruity rose sparkling wine. A pair to our popular Ponte white sparkling. Italy
(6 glasses)

                                                                    Gin-Ginger Twist (£23 per jug)                                                                     
Dodmoor House’s classic Ginger Twist mixed with Gordons Gin. Refreshing mix of ginger beer, lime and angostura bitter with ice – and gin. Served in highball glasses.
(9 glasses)

Catesby Crush (£23 per jug)
Simple yet exotic, this gorgeous mix of pomegranate, elderflower, soda water and Smirnoff Vodka works just beautifully.
(9 glasses)

Coconuts about you (£23 per jug)
A fruity taste of the Caribbean. Malibu rum stirred with refreshing cranberry and lemonade, served with a slice of orange.
(9 glasses)

Pimm's No 1 (£25 per jug)
The classic summer drink, served with lemonade, fruit, mint and ice in a stylish jug, served in highball glasses.
(9 glasses)

Winter Pimm's (£25 per jug)
A winter twist on a summer classic. Brandy based Winter Pimm's is served warm with apple juice and a slice of orange.
(14 glasses)

Budweiser (£3 per bottle) 
'The King of Beers' and the largest selling bottled beer in the world!

Also includes any drinks from the 'Cotton' package drinks reception options.


For the meal

Gulara Chardonnay (£10.95 per bottle)
Medium-dry House white wine. An easy-drinking Chardonnay. Australia

Pinot Grigio Veneto Ponte 2004 (£10.95 per bottle)
Light, mellow with a hint of fruit. Great value and easy drinking. Italy

Castillo de Pidera Tempranillo (£10.595per bottle)
Like a mellow Rioja - soft, medium bodied red wine with berry flavours. Spain

Caliterra Merlot Reserva (£10.95 per bottle)
A typical Merlot, ripe, mid-bodied, gently fruity red wine. Chile

La Campagne Rose de Cinsault (£10.95 per bottle)
A dry, light and refreshing Blush-style rose. France

Vendange White Zinfandel Rose (£10.95 per bottle)
A delicious medium rose made with the sweeter zinfandel grape. California

Also includes any drinks from the 'Cotton' package meal options.


For the speeches

Prosecco Viticoltori Ponte (£14.95 per bottle) or ponte Aurora Rose (£14.95)
We serve a glass to each guest just before the beginning of speeches (6 glasses). 


For soft drinks, please choose any from the soft options in the 'Cotton' package.
Maximum £14.50 per person for the 'Lace' package.





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  Our event manager was just wonderful throughout the day so we were able to forget about everything and just enjoy our day.  She ironed out the little problems so quickly and without fuss. 
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