I Love Crêpes


I Love Crêpes are an alternative caterer that specialise in wedding treats. With an originality that is hard to achieve, we are able to cater for a wide range of tastes.

Freshly-prepared in front of your guests, the visual nature of cooking on the spot provides entertainment and catering in one to add a special touch to your special day.

From sweet crêpes filled with vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of chocolate flakes to refreshing mango & cream there is something for everyone to enjoy. Popular savoury crêpes, known as Galettes in France are also delivered with a British twist. Cheddar cheese & spinach, cooked ham & fresh tomatoes or feta cheese & olives are just a few of our tasty savoury crêpes.

You think that it could not get better!? One last thing it is an unlimited service and the menu is tailored to you!


accreditations RMW Supplier
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Dodmoor House,
Weedon Lane,
Near Weedon,

01327 341736


The open days in the early days were helpful to make contact with suppliers and the website recommendations were also useful.  The planning day we had with our event manager was invaluable.
Nicki and Rob Southern
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