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Happy Hour all started in August 2007 when Richie and former member Joe began recording cover songs for fun and realised, hang on, this would be a cool job!

And so Happy Hour was born. Since then, they have worked really hard to build a solid and varied repertoire that they have turned into an energetic live show that always guarantees to get the dance floor jumping. The four band members are all the best of friends and have a real bond that has developed over years of travelling the world together.

Happy Hour all use the very best equipment and strive to keep on upgrading and building the sound/light show they have become so well known for.

Happy Hour are managed exclusively by Alive Network, and have built a great reputation with the agents and management staff there, which makes the whole booking routine so much smoother. 

You can expect bucket loads of energy and fun at a Happy Hour show. There’s plenty of singing along and a real sense of pleasure from every performance. They will learn first dances, special song requests, play acoustic sets in the afternoon, DJ for free, take HD photographs and make you an online album for free as a gift from them. You can tailor the service to whatever you want, from early arrivals to late finishes, nothing is too much trouble.

For more information please go to the band's website by clicking here.