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We are always pleased to assist you in the arrangement of the entertainment for your wedding and have put together a list of suppliers that work regularly at Dodmoor House.

You are welcome to book any of the bands, DJs or singers on our recommended list, who can all work well at the venue. Bands tend to play two one-hour sets and we would just ask that all singers/bands finish their final live set by 11pm (but they can then play a DJ set until the close).

If you wish to book any other band, DJ or singer, please make sure in advance that they can comply with the following requirements of our entertainment licence:

:: We have a noise limiter system set at a maximum of 94 decibels

:: This is normally fine for all DJs, solo singers or ceilidh/jazz bands

:: Other bands may struggle to play within this limit, especially with 5+ members

:: We therefore require them to have an electronic drum kit (or no drum kit at all)

Please note that our entertainment licence does not allow any band to play at Dodmoor House unless they are able to comply with these requirements.

We are always happy to discuss your ideas or to talk directly to your band, singer or DJ in advance before you book them – please just call us on 01327 341736 or contact us via email.

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They say that getting married is one of the most stressful times of your life, well, not if you get married at Dodmoor House it isn’t. It was one of the most wonderful and pleasant experiences of my life.  
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