Eat, 'Drink' and Be Married

Our Unlimited Drinks Package and how it works...

Dodmoor House's unlimited daytime drinks packages offer a wide variety of exciting drinks choices for your guests, while reducing the stress, hassle and leftovers - and still controlling the overall cost.

We would recommend choosing two to three alcoholic reception drinks plus a soft option, then a red and white wine for the meal (with a rose option), and a glass of bubbly for the speeches toast.

Each drink has an individual price (per bottle/jug) and we keep count of how many of these are served to your guests. We then calculate the overall total of drinks served during the drinks reception, meal and speeches.

There is a guaranteed maximum price per person, depending on the package you choose. We multiply this by the number of adult guests at your wedding (16/17 year olds are half price, 5-15 year olds are £4 per child).

If the overall total price of drinks is less than the guaranteed maximum, then you pay the lower amount. If the overall price is greater than the maximum, you only pay the guaranteed maximum (and we cover the difference).

We won't stop serving drinks or restrict the amount, as this offer is designed for those who want a maximum cost to help control budgets, whilst undulging their guests with drinks.

For full information on our drinks packages for 2019 please follow the links below:

The 'Cotton' Package (£13.00 per person)

The 'Lace' Package (£15.00 per person)

The 'Gold' Package (£17.00 per person) and The 'Diamond' Package (£18.50 per person)


Prices apply from the start of the drinks reception until the end of the meal or speeches.

"A comment was made that if the drinks were even half empty at dinner, they would be topped up... and it was true. Our guests even commented on how well the drinks were flowing. The package is an excellent idea and great value, as we wanted people to drink as much as they wanted, but we never had to be concerned about going over budget" Sarah and Ian 

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