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Dodmoor House offers you the flexibility to pick and choose all of your own wedding suppliers throughout the day, enabling you to have exactly the day that you want.

However, we also recommend a selection of wedding suppliers who have worked regularly at the venue before and offer an excellent service and very good value for money.

Each of these suppliers have worked at the wedding venue for the past few years and have been hand-picked by us for their professionalism and quality.

If you do need any further help, please do get in contact and we can suggest further ideas.


We also now have our own Entertainment Agency, including bands, singers and a range of daytime entertainment.

You are very welcome to bring your own DJ or band for your wedding, but please note that due to our entertainment license, live music does need to finish by 11pm (but a disco set can then continue until the end of the night).

We have a recommended list of bands who all work well within the wedding venue and can play within our noise limiter system in operation (this is set to 94 decibels).

If you are thinking of a different band for your wedding (who aren't on the recommended list) please check with us first so that we can make sure they comply with our entertainments licence.

All bands must sign our terms and conditions in advance, which state that they agree to play within the limit of 94 decibels on our noise limiter system and (unless they are a jazz/ceilidh band) that they have an electronic drum kit (or no drum kit) as it is almost impossible to play within this limit with a ‘normal’ drum kit.

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Dodmoor was the first and only venue we visited and we knew instantly that was where we wanted to get married. 
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