Cotton Unlimited Drinks Package - £13.00 per person

For the drinks reption

Bucks Fizz (£22 per jug)
Prosecco mixed with orange juice and served from a silver jug in a champagne flute.              
(16 glasses per jug)

Wedded Bliss (£22 per jug)
An easy-drinking summer cocktail with vodka, lime cordial and lemonade served with ice and a slice of lime in highball glasses.
(9 glasses per jug)

                                                                         Fosters (£15 per jug)                                                                         
Served cold in jugs straight from the draught tap.
(8 glasses per jug)

Hot Apple Cider (£22 per jug)
Great for the colder winter months, cider with a shot of spiced rum to warm the cockles. Served in wine glasses with a slice of orange.
(14 glasses per jug)

For the meal

                          Granfort Sauvignon Blanc (£9.95 per bottle)                           
             Typical gooseberry aromas and fresh, zingy acidity. France

 Granfort Merlot (£9.95 per bottle)
           Lots of full plummy fruit and soft, rounded tannins. France

We also supply carafes of iced tap water on the tables during the meal.

For the speeches

Prosecco Viticoltori Ponte (£14.95 per bottle)
Classic dry sparkling wine with flavours of apple, pear and a hint of peach. One glass each for the toast drink for speeches
(6 glasses in a bottle)

Soft drinks (10 glasses)

Ginger Twist (£5.95 per jug)
A refreshing mix of ginger beer, lime and angostura bitters. A family recipe and Dodmoor's non-alcoholic speciality!

Orange juice and lemonade (£5.95 per jug)
A bubbly juice that is always a crowd pleaser.

Sparkling elderflower (£5.95 per jug)
Light and refreshing elderflower cordial mixed with soda water.

Pink Lemonade (£5.95 per jug)
Lemon and raspberry flavoured soft drink.

Orange or apple juice (£5.95 per jug)
Served in smart silver jugs and popular with all.

Orange or blackcurrant squash (£2.50 per jug)
Served in either highball glasses or plactic cups for the children.


Our new kilner jars!


Our two new large dispensing kilner jars are available for your drinks reception. You can have them as part of any unlimited drinks package you choose! You can fill them with any soft drink or cocktail applicable to your chosen package. Altneratively we can also use one as a water station for a hot summers day!

                                                    Maximum £13.00 per person for the 'Cotton' drinks package.                                             

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