Twists on Traditions

Weddings are one of the oldest rituals in the world and follow so many traditions. Throughout the years many of these traditions have evolved to keep up with the times and personal preferences!

We are so often asked "What's the traditional way of doing it?" and whilst we always tell you what the tradtional way is we always encourage you to "do it your way"!

We've seen so many twists on traditions over our years of running weddings; here are the ones that are super easy ways to mix it up!


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Having a round top table rather than a straight one

Sometimes having a straight top table can be a bit daunting for our couples as it puts the spotlight on them; an alternative to this is having a round top table instead.

A round top table can seat up to 10 guests, which is perfect if you have an extended family and a top table of 6 just won’t do. Something we have also seen a lot recently is bridesmaids and groomsmen sitting at the top table instead of parents. This is lovely way for them to spend time with other family members and their friends!

You could even have our trestle lay out and sit amongst your guests throughout the whole meal...the possibilities are endless!


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Having a kick off song instead of a first dance

Some couples really don’t like the idea of dancing in front of all of their family and friends, so a first dance could seem like a complete nightmare to them!

Adele and Richard who got married back in March 2018, had a kick off song instead this meant all their guests joined in and helped get the party started. Their song of choice was “Jump around” by House of Pain which really got the party jumping (literally)!


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Giving away your bouquet and not throwing it

During most evening parties, there is a point in the night where all the single ladies (or married) all gather on the dancefloor to catch the bouquet.

Even though it’s great fun chucking it off the mezzanine those beautiful flowers can get ruined in the mix of all the excitement, plus sometimes if there's only a couple of single ladies, it can make them feel in the spotlight!

Something a bit different, (which we love) is to give your bridal bouquet (or bridesmaids) to the lovely lady who has been married the longest to honour her. It’s a lovely way to celebrate what weddings are all about!



Doughnuts instead of cake

We have seen many stunning cakes over the years and they all get bigger and better with each wedding. However not everyone loves cake (I know, we can’t believe it). Something we have seen more frequently are doughnut towers and walls, this tasty treat has gone down well at loads of weddings (with barely any left to take home!) and they are a fantastic show piece to wow your guests.


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Sharing food instead of a sit down meal

Traditionally, a wedding breakfast would consist of three wonderful courses of delicious food, which leave your guests happy and full (especially as we’ve been topping them up with wine). Some couples like to make food a big part of their day, and are becoming ever so creative in what type of meals they have for their wedding breakfast.

Some of the things we have seen over the years have been amazing and really break the ice and get that lovely, cosy chatting atmosphere.

From antipasti sharing platters to host the roast, tapas or even his and her desserts! Food is an endless possibility so it’s always worth chatting to your caterers to see what they can do to make your food visions come true!

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