A sweet wedding trend - Donut miss it!

If there's one thing us ladies know here at Dodmoor House, it's sugary treats. We all have a huge sweet tooth & most Tuesday afternoons in our weekly meeting there's an abundance of yummy things (Vicky's usually the culprit for our sugar slumps come 3.00pm)! 

One thing we've noticed becoming increasingly popular this year are donuts instead of the traditional wedding cake. There are so many varieties, are totally instagrammable and better yet people can just start helping themselves with a napkin and don't have to wait for it to be cut up.

Alex and Daz's tower of treats

There are so many ways to display you dramatic donuts too! You could pile them up high on the Dodmoor cupcake stand (free to use of course), have multiple stands and create smaller towers, add them as an extra for your dessert tables (who doesn't want donuts AND cake?) or go for a donut wall!

Becky & Colin's feeding station!

Donut walls are a particularly striking way to display them! We've had a few talented couples make their own and it's certainly paid off. If it's something you're interersted in doing here are a few of our top tips:

- We recommend the wall goes on a table! Noone will ever reach down to the lower donuts and there's a much greater risk of the wall falling over and you wouldn't want to lose any donuts would you? Or potentially hurt one of your loved guests! Our 6ft trestle tables make a great base for the donut display (don't forget to add an amazing cloth too)! 

- Add fun napkins, a jazzy table runner and a donut pun or two on a sign to make sure everyone wants a pic! Our favourites are "Donut be shy", "A 'hole' lot of love" and of course "Donut worry, be happy"!

- Sometimes guests feel rude being the first one to take a donut so why not have a little 'Help Yourself' sign we can pop out when you'd like yourguests to make a start on them

Louise and Jason's table of dreams!

- Some donut companys can provide little boxes the size of one donut for your guests to take them home. You could also source paper bags too; donuts tend not to last to well wrapped in a napkin and let's face it we all want to bring home something sweet to have with a cup of tea once the dancing shoes are off!

Vanessa and Dom's beauiful display!


If you'd like to have donuts at your wedding and want to chat through exactly how it can work please just give us a call on 01327 341736, we'd be happy to help you plan it! We thought we'd leave you with some of our favourite finds from Pinterest!





Be right back, we're off to Krispy Kreme for an hump day snack!



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