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Richard Shephard Photography 
Why wedding photography?
I’ve always loved photography but weddings are my favourite kind. It’s the mixture of people skills, technical skills, creativity and problem solving that keeps you on your toes. It’s great that in this particular game hard work and professionalism are rewarded with beautiful images. But there’s also the all important creativity, which is so much harder to define. Customers love their photographs and appreciate the work I do for them, which makes me very proud.
What do you love about taking photos at Dodmoor House?
The way the venue is set up around the central courtyard is just perfect for an intimate family wedding. Everyone is close enough together to mingle and explore the different areas without it feeling like hard work to get people together for the photos we need. And there are loads of lovely spots to choose for romantic photos of the bride and groom.
I’ve no doubt everyone will say this but the stand out feature of Dodmoor House is the wonderful team who really take care of their customers. Quite simply it’s not an act - they genuinely do love and care for their guests. It makes every little bit of a wedding so much easier, including photos.
What’s your favourite (secret) spot for photos with the newlyweds?
I’ve been photographing weddings at Dodmoor since 2007 and I always find somewhere new to try, which is fun. I like to have the bride and groom in the brick archways or leaning against the old stone. Or I’ll look through the branches of a tree to where they’re walking down the orchard path together. The steps down into the courtyard are super helpful for doing a big group photo easily. And tell Louise I definitely don’t stand on the furniture to get that particular one!
What’s your favourite part of a wedding?
Tricky question! I actually really like the first part, where everyone’s getting ready. There’s a sense of anticipation, and a little more time to get creative shots, including details which will help tell the story in the album. The groups and couple photos after the ceremony are definitely the busiest time of the day. I love to get the couple back out again in the evening for some shots in sunset/dusk. It’s also a nice moment where we have a little chat about their day and they get to look over at their reception which is just kicking into evening party mode as they are about to rejoin it.
Show us your most favourite shot taken at Dodmoor!
I couldn’t pick a favourite! It’s really fun to see how each couple makes the place their own with personal touches for a unique wedding.
Favourite Cake flavour?
I’m an old fashioned kind of guy, I like fruit cake!
Any tips for our couples?
Photo-wise, find someone who is professional, experienced and whose photos you love, but also someone you like who you’ll enjoy having with you for the wedding day. Genuinely being friends with my couples is really how I get the natural, fun photographs that people always want.
Don’t copy lists of family group photographs from magazines. These are page-fillers that have nothing to do with your unique, wonderful family. Let’s talk it through together and make sure our list covers everything you need without taking up your whole drinks hour.
Peel the stickers off your wedding shoes. Like now. Why would you wait until 10 minutes before you get married when your nails have been done? And get your DIY done early. Don’t be tying ribbons onto mason jars until midnight the night before your wedding!
Thank you so much Richard for sharing your tips and insights to photographing a wedding! As Richard said, he's been part of the Dodmoor family for years so please go and get in touch if you're after a photographer! 
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