Our Favourite Summer Trends

So it's the 1st of September today... WHAT?! WHERE did the last eight months go, and HOW did the summer pass us by that quickly?

Whilst we are very much looking forward to the leaves changing colour, wooly jumpers and wellies, we are most definitely going to miss the summer at Dodmoor. As we look forward to our Autumn weddings, we also can't help but look back on the past three months, and what we have loved most. With this in mind, we have put together some of our favourite trends of Summer 2017...

Wild Flowers


The colours, the styles, the countryside vibes - we like it, a lot. One of our August brides had particularly stunning wild blooms delivered all the way from Holland, along with flowers for the cake supplied by an organic farm (in the UK!). The flowers on top of the cake were in fact edible (see below)! *love heart eyes*

Gin Bars

We don't think anyone would pass up a cool gin and tonic on a hot day, right? Gin has become increasingly more popular this year, and we saw a huge range of 'Gin Bars' over the summer. A great feature during the drinks reception, which goes down pretty well with the guests.

Krispy Kremes 


Okay so donuts aren't JUST for summer, but we did see plenty over the last few months! (And they were really, really hard to resist). Whether it's a 'wall' or a 'stand', they look epic, they smell great, and they taste wonderful (they could also be an alternative to a cake)! 

Flower Crowns 


Any reason to wear a crown, surely?! We really love this trend. Whether it's a simple crown of gyp, or a fancy crown of roses - it looks bloomin' good. 

Or, you know, just flowers in your hair!


Just like, being a princess for the day. You know?! 

Lawn Games


ALWAYS a winner - garden games are entertaining for all ages (Croquet after a few Champagnes is particularly fun). Here at Dodmoor, we can provide you with Croquet, Boule and Giant Jenga, however we've seen plenty of additional games provided by couples over the summer. There was a coconut shy (see the photo above, so cute!), giant space hoppers, skittles, coits, limbo... You could even go all out like Alex and Paddy, and hire in your very own mini golf (see photo below)!

Giant Helium Balloons

Whether they're for decoration or for photos, giant helium balloons look ever so cute and summery. 

Outdoor Cake Cutting


Get all of your guests into the courtyard for that special moment as the sun is starting to go down, the photos always turn out great.

Pimpin' Your Prosecco

A Dodmoor House own - Pimp Your Prosecco! A cold glass of Prosecco in the sunshine is one of life's simple pleasures. Add some elderflower cordial and raspberries, and you're away! This has been a favourite at Dodmoor over the last couple of years, however we have seen lots of drinks receptions with the 'Pimp Your Prosecco' idea this summer in particular. You can't really go wrong with some bubbles and fruit!? 

So there you have it - our favourite trends of summer 2017. We've had a blast :)

Special thanks to Hanish Parmar Photography, Joanna Briggs Photography, Light and Lace Photography, Natalie J Weddings Photography, Do You Realise? Photography and Nick Axtell Photography for the selection of photos.


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