Newsletter #03

Hello wonderful couples! We hope you are all well? Here's our latest round up with what we've been loving, what's been happening at Dodmoor and everything inbetween!


Terri and James with a fantastic bouquet by Green Room Flowers. Photo by Casey Avenue 

Peony season

This flower is the favourite of many brides however has quite a short season when in bloom (April-June). We know some brides who have actually booked their wedding date based on having peonies at their wedding and we can't say we are surprised, they are the most beautiful bloom!

Car Park

We've transformed part of our car park to make way for lots of extra spaces! So many of you are party animals we thought it best to make some extra room for all those guests! We've lined it with pretty plants which are still little at the moment but will be super pretty in a few months!





Dodmoor in Bloom!

The venue has been looking particulary lovely the last month, all the bright colourful flowers have shown their faces! May is such a fantastic month to get married, it's slightly warmers, it's well into Pimms season and fingers crossed your drinks reception may be down on the lawn! We only have  Thursday 2nd May 2019 with a great discount available! Please email us at if you are interested, we'd love to hear from you!

Thumbnail image provided by C&G Weddings!

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They say that getting married is one of the most stressful times of your life, well, not if you get married at Dodmoor House it isn’t. It was one of the most wonderful and pleasant experiences of my life.  
Helen and Jon
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