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Apart from catering at Dodmoor House with I Love Crêpes over the last five years, few people know that we made the best decision possible in booking Dodmoor House for our own wedding. So, when we are working our crêpe magic, it is often that we find ourselves practically on the spot in the Courtyard Barn where we nervously said our wedding vows.

The old phrase “where has the time gone?” is often uttered out of my mouth when we return, but it is always with fondness (apart from the bit where we were having photos taken outside in the cold. Brrrrhhh..)

Image by Jo Lewis at Light and Lace Photography

One of the best qualities of Dodmoor House is the ability to do pretty much whatever you like. A beautiful setting for many people’s wedding day, with the assistance of the wedding coordinators, we have seen a glimpse of many different types of weddings. Whilst we can be a canapé option we have often arrived for an evening time slot, with the courtyard beautifully lit up, and burning gas heaters warming the guests.

This has seen us observe the hog roast station being positioned, a fish and chip van rolling up in the car park and a beautiful array of cakes tantalising within touching distance of our own set up.

Image by Owo Photography

We experienced the flexibility and personalised service from the wedding coordinators at our own wedding, and as a recommended supplier we want to extend this with the service we provide. This all starts with the advantage of being inside or outside, which is particularly useful at this time of year.

We also want you to have the fun of choosing your menu, but whatever your selection, we highly advise the classic - the fail-safe, Lemon and Sugar. From there you can choose the health-conscious mixed berry and yoghurt or the indulgent, but oh so good Oreo and White Chocolate. You can even go for savoury with Mozzarella, Pesto & Tomato, often enjoyed by the veggies and carnivores alike. The choices are endless and something for all ages to like, and repeatedly too, as the service we offer is unlimited!

Having absolutely made the right choice in choosing Dodmoor House for your venue, enjoy making your day the way you want it. Happy planning!

Image by Owo Photography

With the date booked and planning underway, and if you are looking for something a little bit different from the rest, you can find more information about us via www.ilovecrepes.co.uk or we would be happy to assist if you contacted us via hello@ilovecrepes.co.uk.

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  Everyone said what a superb venue it was with such a good atmosphere and beautiful facilities, all in a very pretty setting.
Gilly and Rob Brown
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