How to 'Propose' to Your Bridesmaids!

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Your Bride Tribe are most likely going to play a huge part in your wedding day. They help you pick out that dream dress, plan an EPIC hen party, as well as providing support and laughter throughout your whole wedding planning process. It's important to remember that being a bridesmaid can take up a lot of free time, and is usually a bit of a financial commitment, so why not let them know how much it means to you that they are going to be such a crucial part of your day.

When you've finally decided who makes the cut, you just need to decide how to ask them. As always with most aspects of weddings, things are getting more flambouyant (and of course completely Instagrammable)! Here are some of our favourite ways to ask your gal pals to be there with you on that special day!

Boohoo and New Look

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These double up as being pratical as you can all wear them the night before, and then be photo ready first thing! This actually happened to one of the Dodmoor girls - her cousin wrapped a nightshirt with "Bridesmaid" on it as a Christmas present, so when it was opened it up on Christmas morning, she was super suprised!

Etsy & Not on the Hight Street


Traditionally a card is given to ask ladies to be one of your Bridesmaids. This gives you the option to write a really heartfelt note, which a lot of the other options don't, as well as being cost effective. There are some hilarious ones out there too, just to mix it up a bit. 

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Bubblegum Balloons and Etsy 


So imagine you're sitting at work and there's a delivery for you. Inside there's a balloon from your bestie asking you to be a bridesmaid! We don't think deliveries get more exciting, and it would be such an unexpected surprise. Maybe even better than flowers from your other half?!


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Personalised Boxes

Chances are that each one of your bridesmaids has a slightly different relationship to you. They could be your sister, cousin, school friend or even a Grandparent (we've had Nan flower girls here before)! Creating a personalised box with their favourite goodies, perhaps some photos of the two of you and other funny things only the two of you get is an extra special to show them how much you care

We want to give a big shout out to all the wonderful bridesmaids out there - they really are stars and help us wedding co-ordinators out massively on the day, simply by handing out confetti to getting the guestbook signed, or helping us find Grandad to get him in his taxi home!

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