How to beat a heatwave at Dodmoor House!

Isn't it finally nice to have a proper Summer - we can't remember the last time we've had to pop a cardigan on in the office! Our Summer Brides and Grooms couldn't possible ask for anything better. 

As it is so hot at the moment we thought we would share some tips on how to keep your guests happy and how to make the most of the weather here at Dodmoor House...

The Perfect Summer Wedding Favour


Why not give out some personalised sunglasses as not only a momento of your day but also a way to stop everyone squinting in your photos - plus they make everyone look effortlessy cool! Another great favour would be some wooden fans, again they look great in photos!


Have a Hydration Station!

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The Dodmoor Team will completely look after your drinks throughout the daytime. Regardless if you bring your own or would like to use one of our packages why not look into creating a hydration station! We can bring us in some garnishes and we can fill up some kilner jars with water (we have two you can hire) and create refreshing infused waters to keep your guests feeling fresh! Go simple with some cucumber and mint or go all out and add strawberries, pineapple and basil (it's meant to relief stress)! 

Bring in cute straws, maybe some extra garnishes for people to 'Pimp their water' and a couple of signs and you're good to go...


Keep Cool with Ice Lollies


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What better way to keep guests cool than providing them with icy treats! Alcoholic pops are super popular right now with flavours like peach bellini, bucks fizz, mojiito and gin and tonic! Get someone to drop them off to us on the morning of the wedding (in a cool box) along with some ice to fill up your display (or use our small copper trough)!


Early evening on the lawn

The lawn offers shady spots and generally seems to not be as hot as our courtyard area. Why not invite guests back down to the lawn after your meal? Your caterers could provide tea and coffee down there, we can set up some music and your guests can mingle, play games and have fun in the golden sunshine!


Kicking off your evening in the heat!

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Our courtyard is the perfect setting for drinks as your evening guests arrive and everyone is mingling. If anything it can be a bit difficult to get all your guests into the Catesby Barn too early as everyone wants to enjoy the perfect weather. There are a few ways to incorporate the outside as part of your evening and extend the party outside for as long as possible!


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Throwing your bouquet and cutting your cake outside is a great way to encourage all your guests into the same place and the golden light in the evening makes for some beautiful photos!


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We do allow live music outside until 9.00pm which is a great way to build up the atmosphere. Live acoustic singers or a soulful saxophone really bring the courtyard to life! You could even have your first dance outside and then carry on the party at 9.00pm on the dancefloor in the Catesby Barn. 



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