Honeymoon destinations

In between all of the wedding planning and excitement, you will always want to think about one other key element of the wedding experience… The honeymoon!

Planning the trip of a lifetime can be daunting, especially with so many amazing destinations to choose from… So to help, we have picked out a few fun and different favourites that we’d like to share with you...

Costa Rica

If you want a mix of both adventure and paradise, then Costa Rica has everything to offer. From zip lining over tree tops, to spotting the wildlife while taking a stroll along hanging bridges in the rainforest! 



Set in the heart of the Caribbean, Aruba is known for its stretches of white sandy beaches and colourful towns to explore. It’s the perfect destination to jet off to after a spring/summer wedding, as the weather is in its prime unlike most of the Caribbean. 


Sri Lanka

Head over to the hidden gem of the Indian Ocean…. Sri Lanka. This really is the place to immerse yourself in culture with local foods and traditions, along with exploring temples and hidden fortresses on top of mountains! One thing that cannot be missed while you’re exploring are the baby elephants at Minneriya National Park, this is the best place to see them in their natural surroundings. 



If the beach isn’t your scene then why not trade it in for cobbled streets instead…

With coastlines stretching almost 2000 kilometres you can always find the perfect spot to enjoy the views of Croatia. You’ll never be short of a town to explore, packed full of history and little cafes, but a must see is the walled city of Dubrovnik.

You can even explore the underwater world with many diving spots along the Dalmatian and Istrain coasts. 


More often than not, the weather isn't always great in certain destinations during the time of the year that you choose to get married. In these cases, we would always suggest mini-mooning in the days after your wedding, and then heading off on honeymoon when the time is right for the weather (or sometimes even schedules). 

Maybe a city break in Paris or Venice, or even a secluded romantic log cabin in the countryside, before jetting off on the holiday of a life time!

Happy honeymoon destination searching! 

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