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Traditionally at weddings there is a guest book, which is handed round for guests to write a sweet note to the newly married couple for them to look back on years to come.

As weddings trends have progressed, couples want to be a little more creative with their “guest book ideas” rather than have a simple book for guests to sign.  

Here are a few of our favourites that we have seen over the last year or so…


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Polaroid Guest Book

A twist on the traditional guest book, couples will ask their guest to take some Polaroid shots (usually after a few too many Proseccos) and stick them in a book for the couple to keep (and of course look back and laugh!)

These are very simple and cost very little to do, you can get a camera from Amazon and some props such as hats and sunglasses from Primark along with a few blow up guitars and you’re all set!

This also works perfectly alongside a photo booth, as you usually get two copies so there’s always one for the guestbook!




Signing Frames and Finger Print Trees

One “guest book” idea that has been growing over the last few years are singing frames or fingerprint trees. This is a great idea if you want to display something in your home after the big day to remind you how incredible it was! Just remember the baby wipes for those inked up fingers!


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World Globes

If you are a travel bug or have a travel theme to your wedding then a signing globe could be perfect for your big day!

There are tonnes of different types of globes to fit in with the look you are going for. From traditional ones, personalised blank globes and even copper- the possibilities are endless. You can definitely find the perfect one to display after your day with loads of happy messages from your family and friends.


Memory Jar

Most of the guests you have invited to your big day you would have known for many years, and in that time probably built some wonderful memories together (both funny and embarrassing!).

A lovely idea is to ask your guests to write down their favourite memory of you and pop it in a jar for you to open on your first anniversary. That way you can look back on some wonderful memories and laugh together, while remembering your wedding day as well.



Typewriter Letters 

We love the idea of typing the newlyweds a heartfelt note in such a cool, vintage way. All the letters can be sealed and stored and opened throughout your first year of marriage as a way to keep looking back over your magical day!


What did you use for a guestbook? Do you read it often or do you have something hanging in your home which you pass by everyday?


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