Dodmoor's Favourite DIY Hacks 2017

One thing that blows us away time and time again is just how talented our couples are. So many of them aren't afraid to get their hands a bit messy and produce amazing decorations to display alongside their special day. We asked some of the team what their favourite 'hacks' were last year so here they are!




"There is an ancient Japanese legend which promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Amanda took on this insane challenge for her wedding last Spring and the results were fantastic! The Catesby Barn was transformed into a ceiling of beautiful colured birds!"




"Sam and Luke's beer barrow was a great way of keeping cold drinks flowing throughout the day! It meant drinks were in amongst the guests and it's a really cool way of displaying the range of drinks you have to offer!"




"I love when couples use bottles as vases! I'm a massive magpie and love all things shiny so these copper sprayed bottles filled with flowers and foliage were my favourite hack of 2017"



"Popcorn is my favourite snack ever so when Scott and Sam rocked up with this amazing popcorn bar, I was amazed! Where can I get one for my house?"




"We have a lot of couples bring extra signs to put around the venue and down the road but I though this one was so clever! Some signs aren't very well behaved and don't stay upright but using this pitch fork is a genius way to keep the sign up!"



"One of my talented bride's Charlotte owns her own ceramic company so she made everythign from name places to her table plan as well as making us a very special gift too which we love. She makes the most amazing things so check here out here!"



"Christmas is my favourite time of year and I absolutely loved these crackers that Kristina and Nick used as their favour before Christmas! The personalised sticker on each one really made them into a wow factor and they went with the rest of the decor perfectly!"

Aren't they brilliant? Hopefully this will give you all a little bit of inspo as to how a bit of elbow grease can have a seriously big effect to your day!



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