Dodmoor Spotlight Part 2

Welcome back to Spotlight on Dodmoor 

Here's a helping more of what we love about the wedding world (and Dodmoor itself). Enjoy!

Our favourite photo spots?

The ‘secret garden’ doorway by the lawn

The gravel path down from the house to the garage - it’s a little hidden treasure

The brick walls down on the lawn, they add a lovely texture to photos and are the ultimate backdrop for those cool group shots

Down the village lane!

The top shed is a lovely back drop, especially if the weather isn’t great


Wedding venue trends we are seeing more of...

Hessian and lace never gets old!

Drinks aren’t just drinks anymore – the service of drinks is becoming more fun! The option of ‘no corkage’ here at Dodmoor is a huge plus and I think drinks play a big part of the day.

Gin bars are all the rave at the moment, everyone loves a good gin during a drinks reception. Our Dodmoor Gin bar recently came out to play and it was booming!

DIY! As part of the venue team I do a lot of making the place look pretty, and it's my favourite when couples bring in decorations that they have made themselves. It really adds to the venue and sets off the day perfectly!

I think the twinkle of fairy lights will always be popular, we see them used in so many different ways!

Greenery and foliage is definitely the one at the moment. 


Foods that have blown our minds…

One couple back in 2008 had actual breakfast for their wedding breakfast, the guests loved it!

Host the roast - it’s a great ice breaker for your guests  

Hand-round evening food – mini fish and chip cones, mini burgers, bacon sandwiches, toasties - just what you want during the evening party!

Beci’s tomato soup canapes, and Carolyn’s BBQ sharing platters

Food trucks for evening food, and dessert bars as something different for the wedding breakfast

A good old afternoon tea, it's something about the crockery that dresses the tables so beautifully! But another all-time fave is the doughnut wall!

Italian sharing platters!


That wedding related moment that made us feel all warm inside…

Mark - All of our lovely staff members (past and present) trusting us to host their special days – Fiona, Beth, Carolyn, Rohanna and Beci, as well as Tom, Jess and Sinead- and to come, Jeni and then Shona!

Claire - How Grateful and sincerely couples can be, means so much.  Being a master of ceremony at our very own Carolyn’s wedding and dancing to Laura Kelly at Beci’s wedding in December

Carolyn - Watching everyone singing and dancing to the surprise singing waiters in the Catesby during Sylvia and Ian’s wedding breakfast – there was so much energy in the room that day!

Sophie - African dancers/drummers at Angellina and Josh’s wedding in June 2016 – INSANE dancers and they got everyone dancing in the Catesby Barn, including Angellina’s grandma! The atmosphere was amazing, and it was a surprise for the guests. Angellina's happiness made me happy.

Louise - I still cry in every ceremony I sit in, I love the happiness and emotion of a ceremony, the beginning of a wonderful day!

Shona - Seeing one of my brides coming down the aisle on her horse, it meant so much to her to have her horse be part of her special day.

Tanice - One of my brides called Sophie bounding over to me the morning of her wedding, shouting “I’m getting married today!”. She was so uncontrollably happy and it made my day that she was so happy and I hadn’t even done anything yet! I had such a fun day watching her dance around in her drinks reception to the Harry Potter theme tune and I just remember being really happy with what I do for my job!

Jeni - The first aisle walk I helped with! I remember watching the bride walk down the aisle and the expression on the groom’s face was just amazing. The first of many very teary aisle walks!

Kathryn - Candice and Glyn had a choreographed first dance which was magical!

Vicky - I remember when a best man surprised the whole wedding with a mariachi band during his speech. It was brilliant! Everyone was on their feet singing and sombreros were flying everywhere!


And finally…..

The mystery that is Jeffrey… Jeffrey appeared on our doorstep many moons ago, we think she came off the canal. Meowing for some love, in true Dodmoor fashion we gave her some food and lots of cuddles, and that was that. She is here every morning to greet the first person of the day, and is always on guard at every wedding as a lucky charm.

When it came to naming our beloved Jeffery it was a group decision, however it wasn’t until many years later that we found out she was actually a girl!.... we still think the name fits!

As well as sun bathing in the courtyard and drinking milk, she does love the occasional photo shoot as well (photo bombing many wedding photos). She has definitely won the hearts of thousands here at Dodmoor.


And that's a wrap! We just wanted to say thank you to all of our couples past and present, without you we wouldn't love what we do!

All our love, 

The Dodmoor Family


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