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Recently, we have been putting our lovely suppliers in the spotlight, and asking them all their favourite things about weddings, so we thought it was about time we joined in! Read on to find out all about our loves of the wedding world and Dodmoor House itself...

What is your favourite part of the venue?

Mark - The lit-up tree at the entrance to the courtyard, put in initially with our help by a very creative father of the bride Andrew Lamass, for his daughter Sarah’s wedding in December 2010 - we are grateful to him every time we look at the tree!

Louise - I love the aisle walk across the courtyard, it builds anticipation for the guests and looks lovely in photos - something very different that all your guests will remember.

Claire - I like the bar! Unexpected when you first look round, and of course the fairy lights give a great touch.

Kathryn and Jeni - The newly revamped Honeymoon Suite, the lighting is stunning and sooo romantic.

Carolyn - The Courtyard Barn for ceremonies, especially getting married there myself - it truly is my happy place!

Shona, Vicky, Tanice and Sophie - We all love the courtyard! Perfect for drinking in the sunshine with games, or speeches on the steps, and the first dance or cake cut in the early evening sun. At night it is lit up with fairy lights and looks so magical! It is definitely the heart of the venue.


   Some of our most memorable decorations...

Origami birds hanging from the Catesby Barn ceiling, for Amanda and Marc's wedding in April 2017 - they had made them all by hand and the effect was amazing!

Themed Disney tables - one or two of us here are a bit Disney obsessed.

Tea cups hanging from the candelabras in the Catesby Barn.

Shelley and Mark made hollow copper boxes to hang from the ceiling in the Catesby Barn, it was such a simple decoration with a big impact.

Emily and Lucas’ spectacular blossom tree delight! The candles, the flowers, the table cloths - it was beautiful!

Gin bottles for table centre pieces, it just looks to classy!


What drew you to the wedding world?

Mark & Louise - We wanted to move to the country and all our friends were getting married at the time, so we decided to start a life-style business, and we loved the romance of weddings! (plus live in a lovely farmhouse next door too!)

Kathryn - I really like being organised (definitely comes in handy in the wedding world!)

Claire - I love making people happy and the details of the day - I’m all about those nitty gritty details

Carolyn - I really enjoy seeing others happy, and if I can be part of that, there are lots of smiles all round!

Shona - The people! Initially working part time on the weddings whilst at university, I soon realised that the couples you meet are at their happiest on their wedding day and we get to be a tiny part of that! There is no other customer service role that gives you as much job satisfaction as working in the wedding industry.

Tanice - I’ve been obsessed with weddings since I was little. I used to cut out pictures from wedding magazines with my Nan and put them into folders (which we still have for when I get married lol)!

Jeni - After completing a degree in Arts events I found myself drawn to the wedding world because of its similarities to the arts world! We are here to enable couples to shine on their day and help it run as smoothly as possible. Similar to planning a theatre show it is the running around backstage to ensure that everything runs perfectly that allows the couples to relax and enjoy a day that is solely about them. This is what makes me happiest in my job.

Sophie - I always knew I wanted to go into the events industry, after working at a hotel when I was 16. I went on to Brighton uni to study events management, and after hearing one of the wedding coordinators at Dodmoor were leaving, I interviewed for the job. Right now, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything other than planning weddings, and interacting with lovely people everyday. The atmosphere on every wedding is always so special (and I cry every time).

Vicky - I just love people! I’m a very active person so I knew I couldn’t do a job where I was sat down all the time, plus helping make couples' dreams come true is always a bonus!


Favourite cake flavour?

Naked cake with fresh fruit and cream/buttercream.

Angel cake.

Krispy Kreme doughnut tower!

Cherry bakewell (made by Sian and Callum).

Classic Vicky Sponge!

Carrot cake, every time.


Watch this space for part 2 of our Dodmoor Spotlight!



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