Dodmoor House Sparkler Arches!

As the official start of Spring is upon us, it means that sadly, sparkler season is nearly over! Our Spring and Summer couples get the bonus of the glorious lawn for their drinks receptions, and the courtyard to mingle in as the sun sets later and later, but for our Autumn and Winter couples - the 'sparkler arch' is where it's at!

Daniela K Photography

The photos of the sparkler arches are always just so romantic! We thought it would be the perfect time to share with you a small selection of our favourites!

However, we also thought it may be useful for all of our couples later this year to understand how the famous Dodmoor Sparkler Arches actually work!

Josie Baughn Photography

A sparkler arch is best done in the early evening, so that everyone is coherent and hasn't had too many shots at this stage! It works perfectly as a way to invite everyone out of the Catesby Barn after speeches, or to kick off the evening party once all of the evening guests are here.

The Dodmoor team will organise this for you, handing out the sparklers and lining guests up to get the perfect shot of you both! Tea lights in jam jars are then handed out, usually one between two or three guests.

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Once everyone is in place, we do a countdown and get everyone to light the sparklers at the same time! Insider Tip: Once one sparkler is lit, light the others from the lit sparkler, not the jam jars!

After everyone has had their inner child brought out, we will collect in the used sparklers and encourage guests through for the first dance and other festivities!

Aaron Collett Photography

In regards to the sparklers, you can either buy them yourselves (make sure to buy extra long ones), or we can supply them at 30p a sparkler. You will only pay for what you use and we will setlle this the next day on your final bill (especially handy should the weather not want to play ball with us)!

We already can't wait for the sparkler arches to start up again later this year!

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