Belle Bridal - 5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Wedding Magical

5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Wedding Magical

The weather in winter can certainly be unpredictable. However, there’s nothing quite like a frosty December morning, or a clear winter’s night when the sky is dotted with stars as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing that brings on nostalgia quite like warm fires, hot meals and long winter walks, wrapped up in so many layers it’s impossible to tell where you end and your favourite sweater begins.

When most people think of their wedding, they picture a summer’s day or a warm spring afternoon. While it may be off season, we can show you why winter is the perfect season to set your special day in and have a magical Christmas wedding.

1. Work Your Colour Schemes

Spring may be the time for pastels and subtlety, but in winter, those colours will wash you out. Go bold with your colour schemes, with dark reds, emerald greens, silvers and golds. If you yourself opt for the big white wedding dress, choose to dress your bridesmaids in darker colours. It will make the white really stand out.

Remember that it’s not just you and your bridesmaids, but your groom and his best man you get to coordinate the colour scheme for. You can play around and have fun with different options, or you could go full-on Christmas and opt for red and green.

2. Embrace the Luxury

When you’ve chosen your colours, don’t just go for cotton material for everything; consider velvet and satin. Choose gold and silver table settings and place candles all around, so that the shiny surfaces reflect their light and bring warmth into the room. Because this time of year is quite cold and unforgiving, you can really go all out in creating a warm, rich atmosphere.

You can match this luxury with your accessories, as it will be cold so you need to layer up. Choose a faux fur or velvet wrap and some gloves to make your wedding dress both cosy and beautiful.

3. Choose a Dress with Lace and Pearls

Rather than going for a wedding dress that shows some cleavage, choosing a modest wedding dress for a UK winter makes sense, as it will keep you that little bit warmer. Lace and pearls decorating your dress will add subtle glamour and will reflect the candle light beautifully.

If you want the full princess feeling from your dress, opt for a ball gown skirt with a lace top. If you’re worried about your budget not stretching to cover the creation of so much opulence, you can find a choice of budget wedding dress shops in London that offer beautiful dresses at budget-friendly prices.

4. Make Your Jewellery Sparkle

For a winter wedding, you can go more over the top on jewellery than you can in the summer. If you find your perfect budget wedding dress in London, make sure to also hunt around the second-hand jewellery stalls while you’re there. Consider adding a tiara to your veil to add some regal sparkle and maybe add a diamond necklace and earrings. The light catching off the cut precious stones will look simply divine as you walk down the aisle.

5. Details, Details, Details!

With a Christmas wedding, it really is the details that will keep your guests talking about it for years to come. Give your menu a Christmas twist, with candy canes and hot chocolate waiting for all the guests at their seats. How about guest seating cards that are made from gingerbread, or a mulled wine bowl instead of punch? For centrepieces, how about gingerbread houses, or baskets with Christmassy fruit selections? If you’re crafty and want to save a bit of money, or just add that personal touch, you can create your own wedding decorations, too.

From the invitations, to the table settings and decorations on the day, there’s so much opportunity to saturate a Christmas wedding with gorgeous details. Christmas has so many iconic items you can incorporate into your special day. You can really go all out with stockings, gingerbread, candles, yule logs, fake snow scattered along the table, or anything else you can dream up.

What can start as a Pinterest board will turn into colour swatches, then the day itself will arrive before you know it and your ideas will come alive. Just imagine when your ideas become real and the magical day itself is here.


Author Bio: Jo Cowan and Claire Chapman have been running their wedding dress company in North London, Belle Bridal, for over six years. They specialise in sample dresses, so you can get a designer gown at a fraction of the price.

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