Amendments to the transport deal at the Holiday Inn

Hi to all our wonderful couples!

We just wanted to update everyone with a few changes in regards to the Holiday Inn and some new processes they have put in place for the allocations.

As of last week, the hotel have changed their email contact address from to This will be the prime email address for you to use if you need to contact the hotel in regards to setting up an allocation or managing your allocation already in place.

The hotel have nominated a dedicated member of staff to deal with all the allocations, but they only work part time therefore they have promised to respond to all emails within one week of receiving them.

With regards to guests booking onto an allocation, they will now be able to use the above email address or call the hotel reception on 01327 349022 to do this. They will need to quote the allocation code (given to you by the hotel) along with the wedding date to be able to book onto the allocation - however please note that this will only be possible from one year prior to your wedding.

I’m pleased to say that the Holiday Inn have agreed that they will change the allocation closing date from 12 weeks to 4 weeks prior to the wedding at which point any rooms not booked by guests will be released back to general sale. Guests booking after this date may be able to be included in the transport deal but availability will not be guaranteed, so we would advise you to encourage guests to book as early as possible!

Lastly, the hotel will no longer be taking deposits from your guests to secure their rooms, although they will still need to obtain their card details to confirm the booking.  To confirm, the hotel will not charge a cancellation fee for any rooms cancelled more than 48 hours in advance, however they will charge a 50% fee for cancellations in the final 48 hours and a full 100% for no shows.

For all information on our accommodation deals and local accommodation please click here.

We hope this all makes sense, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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The open days in the early days were helpful to make contact with suppliers and the website recommendations were also useful.  The planning day we had with our event manager was invaluable.
Nicki and Rob Southern
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