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     How we met and the proposal... We met in 2012 during our second week at University in Birmingham, and have embraced every opportunity to adventure together ever since, hence the travel theme of our wedding day.    We got engaged in July 2015 whilst in Venice. The trip was originally planned by Angellina as a surprise for Josh’s 21st birthday, however he found out earlier in the year and started planning a surprise proposal. On the last day of the holiday...
   How we met... We met at school in 2007 and ended up being in the same classes during our A levels. It quickly became obvious to our friends (and even teachers!) that we liked each other, but we were both so shy it took us nearly two years to finally get together.    The proposal... James proposed during our summer holiday in August 2013, after marching me up a huge hill between Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door in Dorset. He got down on one knee, but quickly jumped up as I...
How we met... Our first meeting is somewhat of a debate between us that has been argued over for many years! I saw Ben on a night out in our local pub with a few mutual friends and we happened to exchange a little bit of conversation. Unfortunately, Ben was a little drunker than I thought and has no memory of that night! He didn’t even remember me, and so therefore he claims it never happened as he "is sure he would remember meeting someone like me” - charmer! So the Facebook...
   How we met... We met at a rock festival in Knebworth through mutual friends, only to discover we lived minutes away from each other! We spent the entire weekend together and have been pretty inseparable ever since!    The proposal... Getting married was something we had always talked about so we knew it was on the cards for us. Pete proposed (or as we referred to it “THE BIG ASK”) on the rooftop terrace of the iconic Fred & Ginger building in Prague, on...
How we met... We met through friends in January 2011, two of our close friends Emily and Steve met a few months before and saw an opportunity to introduce us – a few nights out we ended up “accidentally” bumping in to each other and our first date was flying in the wind tunnel where Ted works! Just over five years later we got married, and Emily was Kim’s bridesmaid and Steve Ted’s best man.      The proposal... The proposal was adorable, the morning...
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  Even though it rained a lot, it made no difference to the day at all.  If anything it made the atmosphere in the barns even more special. 
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